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  1. Denise Lloyd

    Herefordshire housing record

    Desperate need for affordable bungalows similar to the semi circle of bungalows in Clehonger. I think they are Herefordshire Housing but they are perfect - they have everything that is needed easy to maintain and easy to clean etc. Purpose built years ago and probably a long waiting list.
  2. Denise Lloyd

    Change at the Council

    Now that Geoff Hughes has officially left the building - not least at a very opportune moment by all accounts. Is he to be replaced or has there been a reshuffle of the existing employees and in some cases quite substantial pay rises? I wonder just how long it will be before Geoff Hughes comes back as a consultant
  3. Denise Lloyd

    Plans for 75 Dwellings in Marden Refused

    This will no doubt go to Appeal. Interesting that one of reasons is that 75 houses will take it over the number of houses proposed in the Core Strategy for Marden. One rule for one village etc etc ............
  4. Denise Lloyd

    Green dragon sold

    I may well be incorrect but I would say it is also the nearest decent hotel to Rotherwas for those business people who are staying overnight
  5. Denise Lloyd

    Green dragon sold

    The Cathedral would be fairly high up on the to visit list surely
  6. Denise Lloyd

    Buchanan Trust Bosbury

    I saw this on Facebook and thought it was more than worthy of sharing and promoting Christine Allen shared a link. Founding Member · 10 hrs Wanted please :) List of items Needed for "Green Farm Bosbury." (Buchanan trust Bosbury) Where A National Trauma Centre for Our Veterans is being built by volunteers from all over the country. There is not much comfort inside the cottage for the Male & Female volunteers. I am unable to help with the physical work So I am on a mission asking for your help with the following items please. PM me or leave a comment and I will contact you Thank you. Washing Machine, Tumble Dryer. Fridge/Freezer or Fridge , Freezer, 3 Seater Sofa. Small Sofa, Table & Chairs, Large Catering Teapot. Kettle. Oven trays. Large Saucepans.Chopping boards, Tea, Coffee, Sugar storage containers. . Volunteers are also needed for Building, Bricklayers/ Builders/Electricians/ Plumbers/Painters. Tea makers. Digging out the foundations, Cleaning bricks .Help cooking the meals. Help needed some days to clean the kitchen up and prepare and evening meal for the Workforce. Large items can be collected by the Volunteers on site. If we are lucky to be offered Large items then we would like to collect all on one trip over. The longer the guys are away then less work they are doing outdoors Thank you Kindly.
  7. Denise Lloyd

    Council award contract for the Weather Forecasting Service

    Money seems to be burning a hole in their pockets at the moment
  8. Denise Lloyd

    Cyclists on Footpaths!

    On my travels today I noticed a lot of cyclists around. Cannot fault the cycling but when will they realise as smart as they look all dressed in black - THEY CANNOT BE SEEN - against the dark of the hedges and trees. Please any cyclist reading this invest in some hi vis gear - give drivers a chance be clearly visible at all times!
  9. Denise Lloyd

    University campus on Station Approach

    Not all of the students will be able to cycle everywhere so bearing in mind all the learning activity is to be at Rotherwas(or a lot if not all) it would be very opportune now to push for a rail station at Rotherwas
  10. Denise Lloyd

    It never rains, but it pours at Plough Lane office

    If you want a property to get into a state of delapidation let the Council move in!
  11. Denise Lloyd

    Misconduct at HC - one arrest

    What was the outcome of this misconduct case?
  12. Denise Lloyd

    Proposed housing sites within Hereford

    Tweet from Nichola Geeson - a wet Sunday morning read - Hereford Area Site Plans Typical August surprise! Public consultation on new housing etc. plans for Hereford in Hereford Area Plan, to complement July choice of Red Route for bypass http://councillors.herefordshire.gov.uk/ieDecisionDetails.aspx?Id=5282 … @HereforHereford @CPREHfdshire @greenhereford @wyeruinit http://councillors.herefordshire.gov.uk/documents/s50059187/Hereford Area Plan Site Options Consultation main report.pdf http://councillors.herefordshire.gov.uk/documents/s50059190/Appendix 3 HAP Site Summaries 1 of 6.pdf
  13. Denise Lloyd

    First University academic building plans

    https://t.co/ZwqNs6L8a Herewith link to the HT report referred to in my post above
  14. Denise Lloyd

    First University academic building plans

    Report in the HT today saying the Council are not being kept up to speed on NMITE's activities - duh
  15. Denise Lloyd

    Money's too tight too mention

    could be the waste thing that the 2 counties share - might be totally wrong on this - just guessing really