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  1. Who was the previous Director for Adults and Well being? Is it about now that the other case of a lady in her 40's is due to be heard?
  2. It's Our County shared John Harrington's post. 9 mins · This is Herefordshire Council in 2018. John Harrington 17 mins · Herefordshire Council in 2018! This is Herefordshire Council in 2018, mired in secrecy and incompetence, failing badly to protect those most in need. A judge yesterday ruled that Herefordshire Council must be named, despite the Council instructing their lawyers to figh to prevent this from coming into the public domain, when he criticised them for "dreadful failures" in the handling of kids in their care. How is the Hereford Times not all over this national story yet - favours called in by our top tier incompetent council officers? How are our MPs not all over this - despite the shame they must feel for voting to starve the Council of desperately needed central government funding? Come on Jesse Norman, where is the political courage you so admire in Smith and Burke when this is happening under your nose by a council led by your party and a Cabinet of men who trust implicitly whatever senior council officers feed them. It's not good enough for the Council to issue a statement, having failed in their desperate attempt to mute the story, that they have now "recognised that 14 (of the 42 children in care) have wrongly and abusively been the subject of section 20 accommodation for a wholly inappropriate lengthy period of time" and that Herefordshire Council" deeply regrets these past failings" when almost all the same people responsible for those failings, Conservative County Cllrs and Council officers, still sit in their revamped offices in Plough Lane whilst vulnerable children, who have been so badly let down, struggle to get the care and stability theyneed in their lives. This really is an occasion where it seems senior heads must roll..this is simply, not bloody good enough.
  3. Hereford Bypass Meeting - Belmont Rural Parish Council

    Just read this on Facebook Here for Hereford 25 mins · (HTP 15) THIS STINKS – COUNCIL IS NO LONGER PUBLISHING ITS LOCAL TRANSPORT PLAN ANNUAL PROGRESS REPORT 2016/17 In our earlier post (5 March 2018) we thought the delays to the publication of this Report were suspicious. We had been told its publication was held up by delays to website design (a strange excuse) and now we have been told that it will not be published. Apparently it will undergo further review and include updates on the 2017/18 progress. What are the Council trying to hide? The Local Transport Plan (2016-31) obliges the Council to tackle climate change, reduce car use, carbon emissions, noise levels and accident rates, and to increase public health benefits from walking and cycling. Does the Report show the Council is missing its targets? Or does it show that the Council’s sustainable transport policies are working? Either way, the Report is of great relevance to the current consultation on the Hereford Transport Package and it should be published immediately. The deadline for the HTP 2 Consultation should be extended to allow for at least three days reading time of the published LTP Annual Progress Report 2016/17. Here is the link to the Council’s re-worded Decision Status - note the word ‘Abandoned’ in bold red type – no wonder we have a democratic deficit. https://councillors.herefordshire.gov.uk/mgIssueHistoryHome… Issue details - Local Transport Plan- Annual Progress Report 2016/17 - Herefordshire Council To approve the local transport plan (LTP) annual progress report (APR) 2016/17 for publication and note progress in developing targets and further data analysis. COUNCILLORS.HEREFORDSHIRE.GOV.UK
  4. The Weeping Window at Hereford Cathedral

    It looks magnificent even in photographs I have yet to see it live having difficulty rounding up my viewing buddy(ies|) Did I read some where that some dog owner had allowed their dog to run loose and managed to break two of the poppies. Only in Hereford would this happen!
  5. Hereford Bypass Meeting - Belmont Rural Parish Council

    Sorry I should have made myself more clear this supposed bypass is not about relieving traffic it is about supporting all the new houses so people should not just think there will be a new road they have to think that there will also be thousands more homes with cars using the new road as well
  6. Hereford Bypass Meeting - Belmont Rural Parish Council

    We have not long ago had a development of 35 houses tacked on the end of the cul de sac and I can confirm that with just 35 more houses the traffic movement is noticeable so multiply that by 185 and you will have a permanent traffic jam problem in Hereford. The bypass will not solve the traffic problem
  7. Carillion

    https://t.co/FHi0nwCZWL Whistleblower warned Carillion bosses about irregularities, MPs told Emma Mercer raised accounting questions shortly after becoming construction finance chief Sadly an altogether very familliar scenario nowadays
  8. Businesses in trouble

    I absolutely agree with you there Ragwert frightening isn't it
  9. Businesses in trouble

    Ragwert it does not give me any pleasure to see all these shops failing what does concern me is just what is happening to this country. So many jobs lost coutrywide since the start of the New year with no sign of things pciking up. In your wisdom where do you Ragwert see where this country is heading?
  10. Building next to the Nuffield

    I wonder if this is still lying vacant talk about house developers hanging onto land rather than build the houses they have the planning for. This building as I understand it is a Care Home that closed and now the owner is sitting on the site waiting for a better offer.
  11. Motion for Eastern Bridge in Hereford Rejected

    Nice to see the Cons backing each other!
  12. Concerns for Hereford Motorcycle Legend Bob Gallier

    Poor chap I hope he is given the help and privacy now There is far too much that should not be published put in the press nowadays.
  13. Businesses in trouble

    Countrywide Farmers enters administration after sale falls throughFarmingUK‏ @FarmingUK 3h3 hours ago Administrators have been appointed to retailer Countrywide Farmers Plc, which employs around 735 people, due to "significant trading difficulties" and "cash flow pressures"
  14. Businesses in trouble

    Yes Ragwert it is in the OLM. In fact I just tuned into HV to report the same - great minds and all that
  15. Businesses in trouble

    I don't think the shop Animal is feeling too healthy either