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  1. Denise Lloyd

    So What Did You Think Of The Royal Wedding?

    Meghan's Mum what a star what a very dignified lady. The Sermon/Address was different very different we'll leave it at that. It all seemed to be a lovely happy safe day and thank God for that. Mrs Clooney absolutely gorgeous and he aint bad either.
  2. Denise Lloyd


    In todays edition of the Hereford Times http://www.herefordtimes.com/news/16231696.Leader_rejects_claims_farms_sell-off_will_leave_council_without_financial_safety_net/?action=bulletin_click&sent_id=600436193&secret=616319&ref=ebln
  3. Denise Lloyd

    Man shot with BB gun during robbery

    In that case pray tell me someone what on earth were juveniles doing wandering around at that time of the night? Or is that now common practise? Oh bring back the on foot police people
  4. Denise Lloyd

    Man shot with BB gun during robbery

    Was this not quite late at night?
  5. Denise Lloyd

    Why can't we have a Parador?

    So says a very thought provoking article in the May edition of the Broad Sheep http://www.broadsheep.com/ Page 6
  6. Denise Lloyd

    Weeping Window , Hereford Cathedral 2018

    And well done to all the volunteers who have worked so hard to make this the success that it is
  7. Denise Lloyd

    Overpaid Herefordshire Council Officers

    This report is courtesy of the newly recruited Local Democracy Reporter. This report is I suspect the first of many. Suggestions as to the best way that we can stand up to the grotesque salaries these Council officials are paid would be warmly welcomed!
  8. Denise Lloyd

    Local Democracy Reporter for the HT

    Hereford Times has now recruited a Local Democracy Report his name is Carmelo Garcia. Interesting times ahead perhaps!
  9. Denise Lloyd

    Businesses in trouble

    and now Lakeland is closing
  10. Denise Lloyd

    Herefordshire Council Website

    Just followed a link sent to me by HC to find a PA and got this "Herefordshire Council Newsroom The newsroom has been retired. You can now find all our news and press releases on our Herefordshire Council news page. Please update any bookmarks you may have." Followed the link as indicated and that did not work - you've got to laugh really haven't you
  11. Denise Lloyd

    Historic England's view on Herefordshire

    https://content.historicengland.org.uk/content/docs/committees-panels/urban-panel-review-paper-hereford-oct17.pdf Not sure if this has already been shown on HV but this report makes some interesting and thought provoking points
  12. Denise Lloyd

    Halfords Hereford Rubbish Responsibility

    Herewith contact details for the owner(s) of Spur Retail Park Hereford, HR4 9SB 1 2 Luke Sowerby 020 7199 2977 020 7199 2970 07584 245 664 luke@cspretail.com Description Newly refurbished and extended 4 unit scheme fronting Holmer Road. Tenants include Halfords, Dunelm and Maplin. Location Situated off the Holmer Road (A49) just to the north of the town centre. Use Class A1 – Bulky Goods Ownership CBREi
  13. Denise Lloyd

    Businesses in trouble

    Bargain Booze is also not feeling very well either to add to this never ending list of businesses in trouble. There was also another one mentioned with Bargain Booze but I cannot remember what it was.
  14. Denise Lloyd

    Search & Rescue Underway at Aymestrey

    Very sad for his family. Poor chap
  15. Denise Lloyd

    Kiko Matthews Breaks World Record!

    She has just been interviewed by John Humphreys - such a lovely person congratulations