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  1. Businesses in trouble

    I only mentioned that I never see anyone in this store to my mrs the other day
  2. Haywood Lane Fly-tipping

    I bumped into Cllr Bridges this week and explained about all this rubbish on Haywood Lane so hopefully it will get cleared up, this lane is notorious for fly tippers.
  3. Haywood Lane Fly-tipping

  4. Haywood Lane Fly-tipping

    Driving along Haywood Lane I noticed someone has dumped a whole load of rubbish and clothing down the side of the embankment next to the railway tunnel. There is a huge amount there as you can see from these photographs.
  5. Severe Weather Warning for the UK

    I drove back from London today and it was -2 at 4pm this afternoon and almost blizzard like conditions
  6. Brexit: If you agree sign this petition

    I have signed. I thought this was brilliant
  7. Yes, never thought for one minute this idea would get off the ground. This was a petition and uproar waiting to happen.
  8. Hereford Duck Pond Frustrations

    I think we have found the culprit lol On a serious note it appears to be Otters killing the fish
  9. Hereford Duck Pond Frustrations

    Sounds good mate, I have another new one at home.
  10. Hereford Duck Pond Frustrations

    Road signs, really... Dead fish More dead fish Another dead fish (half eaten) Lots off rubbish still beneath the water Lots of rubbish I am advised that the fish have probably been eaten by Otters or Mink
  11. Hereford Duck Pond Frustrations

    I am very frustrated today, some vile idiot has removed the donated duck feeding advice sign from the wall at the duck pond and thrown it into the pond. I am also quite concerned as there are a several large dead fish both in the water and one on the side near to where the bamboo is located. (not sure what fish these are?) Possibly eaten and killed by Otters The pond is fairly shallow and clear and I spotted a number of big fish swimming around which has confirmed to me there are plenty of fish in the water however, I do have concerns over what has caused these others to die. I still have additional signs at home and it looks like we will have to house tase in a enclosed notice board. I am aware that there are a few scattered about the city no longer being used that we may be able to use going forward. There is also still a lot of discarded rubbish, can and signs still in the water which needs removing, so another clean up will be required once the weather improves, I will advise a mutually agreed date in the coming months. In the meantime have a look at the photographs that I took today.
  12. Emergency Services Called Out to Car in River

    Quite lol
  13. SAS individual linked to this Council statement

    Bob Curry was a national hero and risked his life many times. Unfortunately, his business only collapsed in November due to MOD cutbacks he lost his security contract! He has run this fairly stable business since the late 80's so hardly his fault. The man had to sell his medals for 20k in an attempt to keep his business going but unfortunately that money also ran out. His marriage has now ended and the man has hit hard times (which could happen to any of us). Ironically, the only serviving terrorist from the Iranian Embassy siege in 1980 Fowzi Nejad is still believed to be living in London rent-free - while SAS hero Bob Curry struggles to find a home! This man and his colleagues should be knighted or at least recognised with some honour just for what they all did on that day in 1980 and this is not taking into account the rest of their service history! Bob Curry is circled below. This is disgusting it really is, if you agree please sign the petition here
  14. Hereford City Link Road Opens Monday 11th December

    Yes but I also think some people do not know how to drive, both lanes filter into one and you give way to the vehicle in front regardless of which lane.
  15. This has been on the cards for years but I never really highlighted it because it was not planned until 2019 and now I read it could even be 2020 however, maybe a new topic is required, I will take some photographs and create a topic and possible petition in an attempt to prevent a wall being erected.