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  1. Colin James

    Plans for new GP super surgery to go on display

    You have missed off King Street and Bobblestock surgeries, we had a letter arrive this morning, this lists is: Greyfriars Surgery Moorfield House Surgery Sarum House Surgery Quay House Medical Centre King St and Bobblestock Surgeries
  2. Colin James

    Robust Pothole Plan Rolled Out Across Herefordshire

    There is also a huge pothole as you turn into Mortimer Road from Newtown Road.
  3. Colin James

    Planning Refused for Costa Coffee

    I thought that this application had been refused? Unless I missed another application, but I cannot find any other however, Costa have applied for new signage now, so I assume planning was eventually passed? See Here
  4. Thank you Bill for your support however, I am not after the acclaim although your loyalty is appreciated that said, I think Jim, like me is just trying to highlight these issues and we all need to strive towards getting these traffic lights turned off or at the very least made part-time, once part-time it might prove that turning them off altogether and replacing some of them with roundabout where possible to be more advantageous to the motorists of Hereford.
  5. Colin James

    Halfords Hereford Rubbish Responsibility

    I agree Paul and in fairness, since we raised these issues it appears to be much cleaner on the retail park again.
  6. Colin James

    Halfords Hereford Rubbish Responsibility

    Good to see Halfords have kept their area clean, we were at the retail park yesterday and a much bigger improvement.
  7. Colin James

    Litter - A clean sweep

    All the roads have litter on them, it is a disgrace, I agree that bigger fines is a good idea providing they start to prosecute the idiots.
  8. Colin James

    Elevate Property Group Purchase The Booth Hall

    Good news
  9. Colin James

    Elevate Property Group Purchase The Booth Hall

    I could not see anything written about the passage but hopefully
  10. Colin James

    Cyclists on Footpaths!

    At last! A judge with some common sense, read this article
  11. Colin James

    Businesses in trouble

    I only mentioned that I never see anyone in this store to my mrs the other day
  12. Colin James

    Haywood Lane Fly-tipping

    I bumped into Cllr Bridges this week and explained about all this rubbish on Haywood Lane so hopefully it will get cleared up, this lane is notorious for fly tippers.
  13. Colin James

    Haywood Lane Fly-tipping

  14. Colin James

    Haywood Lane Fly-tipping

    Driving along Haywood Lane I noticed someone has dumped a whole load of rubbish and clothing down the side of the embankment next to the railway tunnel. There is a huge amount there as you can see from these photographs.
  15. Colin James

    Severe Weather Warning for the UK

    I drove back from London today and it was -2 at 4pm this afternoon and almost blizzard like conditions