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  1. I just wanted to point out that I know the world is in a mess at the moment and we are all or should be doing our best to get beyond this problem by abiding by the rules that are put in place for us .. I think I'm pretty sure that people will grumbling at the smalls problems this topic will point out and to be honest I think we're all pretty fed up with covid and the rules.. but here it is we've got to do the right thing... now I've noticed that while this pandemic is going on there are little things that probably seem irrelevant in the grand scheme of things...that is the police it seems wish to ignore....I don't know if the issue Im going to mention in this blog is just in Hereford it could be widespread Across Britain in different towns I don't know I can only speak for where I am...but the amount of cyclists that have no lights on their bikes is absolutely astronomical... my son is a cyclist and his bike is kitted out with good lights on it I didn't even have to tell him he done the sensible thing he obviously doesn't want to end up under somebody's car which if you've got any common sense you know at some point that will happen.... here is the crazy thing I have seen in 1-week a phenomenal amount of people riding bikes with no lights on at night in Black??.... what's that about?? you have to be a congenital moron to ride a bike with no lights in the dark on the roads at night... I live towards rotherwas and that's where the majority of bikes come from the industrial area at shift change times and it is horrendous if you don't believe me go and watch the amount of people with no lights on their bikes its ridiculous and the police do nothing ...why?... I am expecting some smartass to turn round and say that I'm having a go at cyclist I'm not my son is a cyclist if I wasn't pointing it out I wouldn't be doing the right thing to protect cyclists... not all of them do it I saw somebody tonight on the road on tthere bike and I had a giggle to myself because this guy look like a Christmas tree all lit up going up the road but the fact of the matter is you could see him fluorescent jacket on as well to be fair it was probably a little bit OTT but the guy obviously wanted to live... and that's what it's all about but because of everything that is going on I feel that this situation is getting out of hand but you've got to remember it was going on before the pandemic it just seems to have got worse while the pandemic is ongoing... in the 80s you used to get a £15 fine for riding a bike with no lights on.... and it's still against the law to ride a bike on the pavement but the police see them and do nothing.... I know we have bigger issues going on in the world but there are still small issues with that need addressing that are there for peoples safety and such like... just because we're all looking at the bigger picture of what is going on the smaller issues can be left to just go by the way... I really do wonder what has happened to the Fabric of society 2020 hasn't really been very good to any of us so hopefully 2021 we will come through the other side and will have beat this....and the police will do their job and stop cyclists getting stuck to car tyres because they've no lights... you see them on the road... whoever you are ...you seen them...and I know I've seen them there are plenty of law breaking cyclists which gives cycling an unwanted amount of attention and then all cyclists are under the microscope...which is not fair for the ones that do it right.... Hereford Police get off your asses and stop people riding with no lights and on pavements it's turning into an epidemic of people with no lights and dark clothes on on the roads especially coming from rotherwas.... don't see the point in somebody wearing a mask trying to get beyond covid and then they go and ride a push-bike in the dark with no lights on because on one hand they would be doing the right thing for yourself and everybody with a mask... and then there playing Russian Roulette with there lives on a bike because there not abiding by why the laws of the road.... I've actually witnessed this week twice on two separate occasions a police car passing somebody on a bicycle while they had no lights on in the dark and on the pavement I was absolutely gobsmacked and the police didn't even look at him ...but to be fair they probably didn't see him.... same with the other one tearing around no lights on Through town dodging the traffic.... why does the police not address it....before people grumble and say their under staffed what is the excuse when they pass them in their cars and they're on the pavement with no lights?...there is no excuse it's all about being bothered... it'll probably be one of those situations where nothing will get done until somebody gets seriously hurt or killed.... cyclist on the road with no lights it's in the dark and on pavements you should be ashamed because you are causing problems for the cyclists that abide by the rules.... and that's not right and that's not fair are what about the poor driver that would probably end up seriously hurting you or killing you you because you you were all in Black on a push bike in the dark with no lights that person has to live with that for the rest of their life I think the cyclists that do this with no lights it's putting their lives at risk should be ashamed of themselves
  2. I'd prefer the council to forget the cycle lanes in Commercial Road altogether and put the £2million they've been promised towards a better cause.... the Bypass... there would be far less traffic in town which would be a lot safer for "cyclists and pedestrians"......it would be far more beneficial environmentally as well I think.... I will wait for the normal criticisms about that reply to the topic.....but as I said before discussions and feedback get things sorted properly ..... and it would probably be nice to get a bypass sorted without knocking people's houses down although that is a slightly different subject....... nonetheless a topic far from being put to bed I feel.... why we can't just have a bypass that does not destroy homes and does not destroy the environment is baffling...... because the creatures in the countryside are important to and I know that if a bypass is put in place a lot of care and time goes into making sure that the wildlife is kept going and kept safe as much as possible .... a lot of creatures are protected anyway against being wiped out or disturbed while construction is going on..... so anyway I'm glad that the cycle lanes have gone although I was accused by one individual that felt they had to have a dig and mention that I was having a "cycling rant" ????? plonker..... what's he on about... it wasn't a decision made by just myself and my feedback...there was obviously plenty of feedback from people that could see it was senseless and dangerous where it was.....as a cyclist yourself plonker I would have thought you could have seen the dangers in Commercial Road to cyclists..... but you didn't report on that you were all for the Dangerous and pointless Lanes..... only one thing I've got to say about that... you mentioned you had cycling insurance?... so as for being a concerned member of the public I would advise you to keep your payments up on your insurance sounds like you could need it at some point...so good news anyway that the Lanes are back to normal to help with the congestion.... there must be a few red faces in the council office nevermind humble.pie springs to mind...
  3. I think the ball should be called "AUDACIOUS" ....which means extremely bold or daring; recklessly brave; fearless: an audacious explorer. extremely original; without restriction to prior ideas; highly inventive: an audacious vision of the city's bright future. recklessly bold in defiance of convention, propriety, law, or the like; insolent; brazen
  4. It's not a problem to pick a parcel up in High Town you go into the back of maylords for a majority of the shops..... and pick up your deliveries at the back if need be... you can even take your vehicle into High Town to pick up parcels I have done that myself... if Commercial Road is a no parking zone as you suggested there is no back entrances to pick parcels up for a majority of the shops..so yep bonkers is right
  5. Aylestone voice are you bonkers.....you say (What is needed in Commercial Road is a dedicated cycle lane with the car parking totally removed)????????....have you any idea what chaos that would cause? how would disabled people be able to get to a shop in that road without being able to park??? How would vehicles be able to park to drop off deliveries and pick up deliveries...... I think you seem to forget the council are not going to stop cars parking in town they make too much revenue from parking fines if there's less cars there's less Revenue it's not rocket science..... wouldn't it be bizarre if they stopped parking cars where you've mentioned and you had a heavy parcel to pick up and weren't allowed to stop to pick it up?.... I'm sure you'd love that.... karma springs to mind
  6. No you couldn't be more wrong actually my friend ....it is not a cycling rant in any way shape or form it is a fact of what my own eyes have seen and witnessed ..how is that a cycling rant please explain?.... I wasn't shouting nonsense from the rooftops I was just pointing out a structured conversation what is happening with people with no lights on bikes... people still riding on the pavement... if you think it's a defence by saying cycling rant then that is your opinion but it does not excuse the fact of what is happening it just doesn't... so you tell me how does somebody address this problem without somebody trying to shut them down straight away and defend what's happening by saying cycle rant?? I think it's a rather childish response on your part.... as if you are a cyclist surely you would be interested in a minority making it bad press for a majority and that's not a rant that's a fact
  7. I have just submitted my thoughts on the cycle lane in Commercial Road Hereford and while I have been sat here entering my thoughts onto this site 2 bicycles have passed me again..... one with no lights in the cycle lane..... so he nearly got it right just no lights it's and one with lights but on the pavement..... plus two lads wearing dark clothes at 9:30 at night skateboarding game the cycle lanes where are the police...... how long will it be before one of these idiots is riding down the cycle lane with no lights and gets a car door opened on them...... this town is going to pot.......
  8. Hi well I would like to point out about Commercial Road in Hereford with the alteration to make a cycling Lane, hence cutting down 2 lanes into 1 one and a cycling Lane which I find very unnecessary on that stretch. cycling lanes are a good idea in some areas but that street did not need it. Cycling is supposed to be helpful towards the environment .... and I believe it is but not on Commercial Road.... as we no there used to be two lanes of traffic going down Commercial Road and the traffic used to get very piled up with two Lanes.... and now some congenital idiot has thought " hang on.... the traffic gets very busy down there with two lanes it gets piled up, I'll make things a little bit more difficult and cut it down to one lane which Will make the traffic twice as long in respect of a queue"... which means the vehicles spend longer with her engines switched on in town in the now new one lane queue which is now twice as long when busy.... and I know people will grumble and somebody is going to have a say about it but that's fine that's what discussions are for, but for the life of me I cannot understand how this has been passed through planning???? it's just ridiculous.... I do understand the social distancing and that's a must, but the cycle lane it's just a total waste of money it has caused tailbacks of traffic in Commercial Road when it's busy. The money wasted could have gone in the pot towards the Bypass, that's what this town needs if there's a bypassed the roads will be freer for cycles hence no cycle lanes needed.... common sense really... on two occasions I have been sat in Commercial Road and on two occasions I have seen a total of 15 bikes and 12 of them were still using the pavement..... and the bikes that were in the cycle lane had no lights????so much for safty.....so whos keeping an eye on these bikes on the pavement and bikes with no lights????? Ive seen on more than one occasion especially in commercial road the police ignoring people riding on the pavement and with no lights.....what's the point??? what excuse could anybody make to justify that??.... I think the council's are trying to make Hereford as green as possible which is not a bad thing but they have to understand you have got a lot of parents that do the school run before they go to town or work, and they are not going to get a couple of kids and all their stuff on a push bike drop them off and then rush off to work....... that's just an example but it's a way of life for some people and they are not going to change the way that they are it would be impossible for them to adapt in them circumstances..... I think the council's have done some very good things in the way of changes towards distancing with covid 19 but I stick to my guns with my comments about Commercial Road it's a flop a total waste of money and it just does not work..... tailbacks....traffic congestion.... and it does cause quite a bit of annoyance for some people who are stuck in the unnecessary tailbacks in Commercial Road and then you get people riding passed on the pavement not using the cycle lane..... it makes it all so unnecessary for everybody concerned... I for the life of me cannot understand why would you cut 2 lanes down to 1 when you know that those two lanes get absolutely chock-a-block in traffic peak hours??? why would you do it ??? common sense would tell you not to restrict the traffic flow any further to one lane as you need the traffic out of the town not sat in a longer queue... somebody obviously thinking that having a cycling Lane is going to be more green more helpful to the environment and safer when it's not in Commercial Road!!!!! It just isn't..... people that live in Hereford know full well what Commercial Road gets like with two Lanes!!!!now there's going to be one!!!! it is going to be chaotic..... longer queues of traffic are not green , all that is happening is there is now 1 lane full of traffic pumping out fumes because they can't get out of the town quick enough due to Lane restrictions...I know this is only in one area that i no of that is a major cock up....but Commercial Road does see a lot of traffic that passes through.... I think Commercial Road lane restriction was a terrible mistake and I know that somebody to do with sorting the Lanes from the council did announce "they won't apologise for what they've done with the cycle lanes"..... well I say good for them because in some places it's a good idea but they're not going to hold their hands up for the cock up on Commercial Road because it would be rather embarrassing to retract what's been done
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