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  1. We may deserve better ... but at least they provided an event! Last year I went to the lovely food festival on Castle Green .. but that has disappeared. Better something tacky and a bit expensive than nothing at all!!
  2. I visited the event on Saturday ... paying £8.50 on the gate. I have to say I felt sorry for families having to pay £7 per child entry. Yes the fairground was tacky and there was a real lack of choice with the food stalls considering you could have been there all day but Hereford needs this sort of event ... I went with friends from outside Hereford and it made such a change for somewhere to take them! Prices of both food and drink were much as expected at this type of event and I was impressed with the many available toilets ... no queues .. and staff continuously cleaning up litter. The music was tribute bands mainly and everyone there seemed to be having a great time.... We certainly enjoyed it but entrance fees for families certainly need to be lower and lets have more choice if we cant bring our own food ( and onions with the hot dogs please!!!)
  3. Whilst I agree the actions of this person are totally out of order, I have had several bad experiences of dogs off the lead being aggressive to mine on a lead. If you let your dog off the lead, you must be in full control of it. This includes your dog obeying all call back commands. Whilst you may think your dog is not aggressive, an old person with a small pet may not realise that. I like to think I can have a peaceful stroll with my dog on a lead without having to worry about whether an approaching unrestrained dog is friendly or not.
  4. I applaud the actions of Councillor Mark Hubbard against this action which, whilst presumably legal, has many of us shocked at how planners, having studied and being well educated in planning laws, can be ignored if a councillor with the right friends can vote him a building plot!! Shocking. The only sad thing is that if Councillor Hubbard goes, he is no longer there to highlight the next occasion this happens.
  5. the Tesco roundabout is a nightmare at the moment heading south. If you want to head for the A49, nothing is clearing from the left hand lane as it cannot get down Newmarket St and cars are blocking the yellow box junction. I have taken to avoiding it for now .... its quicker to go via Whitecross and join the queue in Barton Rd.
  6. I walked past the multi storey this evening. There is a litter bin there that has clearly not been emptied for some time. Rubbish is overflowing and going over the pavement. People are putting their rubbish in the right place but someone is failing to do their bit and empty it.
  7. I love the starlings ... they are amazing to watch ... cars can be covered!
  8. Biomech .. your frustration appears to be the fact that people use the votes to discredit people they don't like rather than posts they don't like. My point exactly ... the fact people seem to use this forum to insult each other as well as have positive debates on issues. But then you go on to exacerbate the problem by actually naming ME as someone you personally consider is a perpetrator of down voting. Many of you seem to know each other so perhaps you feel this is ok. Colin ..... I have no concerns about the voting system. It is similar to that in many social networks I contribute to. My post was objecting to someone naming me personally as being a suspect in down voting. I do not find this acceptable.
  9. I joined this forum because I am interested in what is going on in Herefordshire. I have been somewhat dismayed at the personal attacks that go on, so much so that it has put me off contributing. I am now horrified to see my name in print as being a possible perpetrator of some heinous crime of " down voting posts" I don't even know what this means let alone how to do it. I would hope the administrator would clamp down on this sort of behaviour. It does nothing to improve the art of good debate!
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