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  1. Think High Town was done around 2009. St Peters and Commercial St def need attention more than High Town, but it seems they want it all to look the same paving wise, extending out from Wide marsh St.
  2. I see the Council are running a survey on the Markets in Hereford http://newsroom.herefordshire.gov.uk/2015/september/local-views-and-new-traders-wanted-for-hereford%E2%80%99s-outdoor-markets.aspx Rarely shop at them myself but the streets look to be quite busy whenever I visit on a Weds or a Sat.
  3. Passed through the event taking place on KGPF earlier. Not many people there. A fair few info stalls but seemed quiet.
  4. Jack Jones is in Old Market. I see the Steamer CookShop is lined up for the old Dorothy Perkins shop in Commercial St.
  5. Brilliant stuff. Not sure how many personnel BBLP have but as Colin says it will be a great improvement in time for the autumn/winter months.
  6. Don't believe a PSPO is needed here for chuggers. On one hand they are a pain in the a**e but they are not in every day and they are just trying to earn a living like many other folk. Also, charities do benefit too at the end of the day. Whenever I have said no firmly, they have always been fine. I reckon this form of fundraising activity must surely have peaked by now and they will find other ways to do it. Interesting piece here http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-34168129
  7. Don't mind who organises it, but it is a good idea to have community initiatives such as this.
  8. Bill Spanner, not Tanner. Hereford Times is an over priced rag, full of adverts, in my opinion.
  9. I too would never give my details to a chugger. Having said that, they do not bother me, as its not that hard to say no, even if you have to say it more than once or several times as you traverse through High Town. Definitely recall seeing these type in most other towns/cities I've visited. I also saw that Maylords seem to allow these types onto their land also. Buskers I'm fine with, though some can be a bit loud. Beggars unsettle me more, partly cos it jars my social conscience and partly cos it creates a negative image for the city centre. It is sad the folk are driven to beg and not easy to separate those who are genuinely desperate and those flagging it to fuel addictions (though I accept they are desperate too)
  10. Think Roger has summed things up pretty well.
  11. Denise, am certainly not a Cllr, so your detective powers have failed you there. I do know some BBLP employees though hence my belief (not certain knowledge) that this firm take bookings for places like KGPF. If it pleases you, why not submit a Freedom of Information Request to see how how much was paid by organisers to use the site.
  12. Well, let's see local event organisers step up to the plate and use Castle Green or KGPF as locations more than has historically been the case. As is always the care, far more people take to social media/internet forums to complain about stuff rather than say positive experiences. So there will be some people out there I'm sure who thought the event was okay or even enjoyed it. That said, BBLP would be wise to carefully consider whether this outfit came back, in the same format as this year.
  13. Hi Denise, You post mentions Herefordshire Council, not the City Council. I would agree that the unitary authority would be the managing agent but believe that booking events is done through BBLP. Like most of the Council, I don't think there are many HC Parks staff left!
  14. Agree with Aylestone Voice. Not fair to blame the Council really on this one, being the first time it has been held.I believe to hire events on areas like this, permission is needed form Balfour Beatty, of course the Council are their paymasters though. Don't believe for one minute it is illegal to temporarily cordon off a small area of land of public open space. Comparing it with the Food Festival is also daft. The organisers do (just) seem to have delivered on what they advertised, but the whole event does seem overpriced and of poor quality. I would hope that BBLP note public feeling regarding this, and not allow it to return. Instead BBLP could advertise/promote/facilitate to the local community that King George is available for use for events. I remember when the South Wye Big Event used to take place, that was always a good event.
  15. Not sure whether lighting on the A49 is the Highways Agency Roger
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