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How long has the OLM taken?

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It is the Hereford disease that holds things up.  The following is simplistic but usually someone will come up with an idea for which probably the silent majority think is a good idea. However a small group for example, Here for Hereford, don't want change and are vociferous in their opposition. The Council or whoever are so scared of their own shadows that they think that they can debate away the opposition but in doing so play into their hands. Result = nothing happens for years.

A good example is the by-pass. The Council are criticised for not providing one but is the strident objection that slows it all up. In the Council's latest plan a bypass is included but the good residents of Kings Acre, Breinton and Friends of the Earth will stop at nothing to delay it. It will be years away. What is needed to get this city going is for the quiet majority to become noisy and involved. That said if the majority are opposed then fair enough = no bypass.

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Oh that is a shame, a Christmas opening would have been a big hit. Nothing really happens around the end of April.

Give me a second and I'll work out a nice pessimistic reason why they are going for an end of April opening.....






..... ah yes, end of the corporate tax year. Blow some cash on an opening, pay less tax, makes the paperwork neater ;) :P

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