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Who owns the Next/B&M carpark?

Victor Wright

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I'll fire off a few emails.


Indeed, most of the entrances are ridiculously small, I clip my wheel on the edge every time because the turning room is so small. The car park itself is far too cramp as well, but I think the biggest issue is the entrance/exit. Sacrifice 2 spaces, move a foot of hedge, I'd do it myself! It's not like they need those 2 spaces, A: They are rarely used because they are the last spaces in the entire carpark, B: If you get in, you need to do a 180 turn within the total width of 2 cars to get out (as it's right next to the exit) and C: Half the people park on Perserance Road....



.... which leads me on to, how do we go about getting double yellows on the junction ends of Perseverance Road? Again I was nearly hit by an oncoming car on the wrong side of the road yesterday... Glenda?

Any luck with your emails? Did you get any response? What about CVP any luck with B&M?

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I very much doubt that neither the tenants nor the landlord could give a monkeys. The question really needs to be asked of our Planning Dept - why did they approve a seriously sub-standard layout, particularly the exit/entrance to the highway? Whilst you're at it, perhaps ask the same about the OLM, which it now seems requires precious lime trees to be felled to allow a feeder lane for the car park off Edgar Street.

 I have found some info on widths of roads and these are minimum standards for highway construction. 5.5 mtrs for residential 7.3 mtrs for industrial

Min width of car park spaces is 2.4 mtrs 


Have also found that the max height of a road hump is 75mm.Does that mean all those up Stanberrow Rd etc are illegal?

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