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Herefordshire Council Refused My Hot Food Curfew Petition!

Colin James

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Coucillor this is your opportunity to do something for your constiuents...


So let me get this right, some nightclubs can stay open until 3 or 4am but HOT FOOD places can't?


I repost exactly what I said previously:


Hereford Council destroyed Hereford long ago! They killed the shops in Widemarsh Street n broad st by putting in poxy 1 way systems where people couldn't access them and weren't allowed to park for any sufficient length of time and why pedestrianise everywhere? when there are no decent shops (except if u want to drink coffee all day n just hang out if u havent gor a job - Oh yeh there are no jobs because there are no shops because you can't get to them easily by car - silly me) #justsayin.


I moved away from Hereford over 3 yrs ago and have access to everything right here. Hot food, cold food when ever I want, swimming facilities x 3, shopping facilities x 10, traffic jams don't exist n I can walk my dogs without having to worry who's behind me! Goodbye Hereford n enjoy your cold pasties!!

I completely agree Adrian.

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It seems to me that you need to get the councils policy changed

Contact the Cabinet Member - Graham Powell I believe and ask to meet him to discuss the issues. Am happy to help

Alternatively look out for meetings of the Regulatory Committee where these requests are often determined.


Yes I would be grateful thank you

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I know who else would be against a change - the venues. As places like Play serve hot food inside (burgers etc). Allowing hot food vendors to stay open past 1.30am would hit their revenue - and quite hard I imagine.

I honestly wouldn't be surprised if there was some kind of arrangement between the nightclubs and the council allowing for a monopoly on hot food.


In fact - perhaps this comes under anti monopoly / anti competitive law? Essentially the council are shutting down local traders leaving the nightclubs to monopolise the hot food market. I mean, they could easily raise prices with no objection from local traders as they are in a competitionless environment


I seriously think this is an angle to look into Colin.

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Here we go;




United Kingdom competition law is affected by both British and European elements. The Competition Act 1998 and the Enterprise Act 2002 are the most important statutes for cases with a purely national dimension



  • prohibiting agreements or practices that restrict free trading and competition between business entities. This includes in particular the repression ofcartels.
  • banning abusive behaviour by a firm dominating a market, or anti-competitive practices that tend to lead to such a dominant position. Practices controlled in this way may include predatory pricingtyingprice gougingrefusal to deal and many others.


The Office of Fair Trading (OFT) and the Competition Commission are the two primary regulatory bodies for competition law enforcement.




I believe that will get you somewhere Colin.

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