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Amey contract up for grabs


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HEREFORDSHIRE Council will not renew its contract with highway and parks partner Amey, it was announced this morning.

The local authority said a 12 month tendering process will now begin ahead of the Amey contract ending next summer.

The new company would be involved in various projects, possibly including the much-talked-about city bypass.

Geoff Hughes, the Council’s director for places and communities, said the authority wants to provide the best value for money, adding there is nothing stopping Amey from applying for the new contract.


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The standard of grass cutting and weeding of kerbsides on the estates and county roads is dismal. City estates suffer due to different agencies being responsible for separate parts of the estate. Amey do not do it all - various Housing Associations and other bodies are responsible, but tend to pass the buck between one another. Time to get it back in one department and assume responsible for all parts of the estates ie one phone contact point.


Also litter, fly tipping, blocked drains, overgrown trees, overgrown pathways, damaged verges by car parking, black bags put out days before collection and left behind by waste collectors. All functions carried out by different agencies and departments of the council with a lot of time and money wasted telling us why they can't get these things sorted out.

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Well based upon their performance overall I hope someone else gets the contract!

I think I would tend to agree. I am sure that Amey in fairness have done a ot of good work but on the flipside I also think that a lot has got worse and in a lot of cases either been ignored or it has taken months and months to get anything done, dead posts and overgrown tree's and weeds everywhere comes to mind..
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