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Catastrophic to see this 360 year old oak tree fallen in Hereford

Hereford Voice

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Catastrophic to see this 360 year old oak tree fallen due to #StormArwen strong winds during the night.



This is located at Belmont Haywood Country Park the tree fell down around 4.45am this morning, such sad news.

Thank you to our good friend Piotr Biurkowski for sending us these photographs today.


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Natures way of culling the weak and diseased stock of trees. We have large trees behind our houses which haven't been looked at for over twenty years. Eventually they too will come crashing down with the consequent damage. As long as it doesn't happen on someone's watch no one really cares.

DSC03207.JPG.47a9ec01387d3e8e1853442c8b4ad60d.JPG    DSC03196.JPG.b1fff89e1206fa71f5ff8ee4d0df9baf.JPG


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