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FREE Parking in Herefordshire in Exchange for 9% Increase in Community Charge

Hereford Voice

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New parking charges in Herefordshire (where applicable) mentioned below in the attached PDF, will take effect on TBC. If a car park is not mentioned, then the charges will remain the same as at present.

A brief table showing the new prices is illustrated below¬†ūüĎá



Any queries in relation to the above may be directed to the Parking Office (tel: 01432 260974)

Email : civilparkingenforcement@herefordshire.gov.uk

Many people disagree with increased parking charges by saying it will discourage them from visiting the city however, there are those who argue that people will moan for the sake of moaning and increases are inevitable, yet the people who complain are often the same people who are more than happy to pay £3.50+ for a Latte or some other coffees!

In reality this money is used to pay for essential services across the county of Herefordshire. 

What are the possible options as a scenario ? 

Cllr Liz Harvey (Group Leader for It's Our County (Herefordshire) and Cabinet member - finance and corporate services) explained recently,


The money generated by car parking charges pays a large proportion of the council's road maintenance costs and subsidises public transport across the county.

It amounts to ~ £6m.

If parking was free council tax would need to go up by a further 9%.

She said, "It's doable, if everyone is happy with that"

She also added;


The parking charges are changing shortly to standardise on charges for different sorts of car parks (long stay commuter, stop and shop, city centre convenience). Charging is stopping at 2000 rather than 2200 and other changes to help people find the right type of parking to match their needs.

Theres also going to be more info on signage about how to save money with season ticket discounts and on how the income from car parking is used to support public transport and road repairs.

Changes coming to the RingGo phone App means that soon people will be able to pay on exit and thereby only pay for the time they use.


Appendix 3 for Car Parking Charges.pdf

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1 hour ago, megilleland said:

Why pay more 9% community charge when you don't have a car?

I think this is just a scenario but I take the point about people constantly complaining. Everything goes up in price but if the council don't collect extra revenue here something else will have to go up. 

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Have you seen the amount of cars queuing to go into McDonalds mosts days? Stop moaning and walk if you're worried about an increase of 50p for 30 minutes parking but it's actually cheaper to park in St Martins Street. :Angry:

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