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Work on bypass ceases

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Herefordshire Council has taken the decision to cease work on a western bypass for Hereford at Full Council today (Tuesday 2 February 2021). 


Council has determined to stop the progress of the southern link road and western bypass schemes, which are included in the adopted policy. A suggested amendment was debated but not approved.

The decision follows a detailed review of the transport strategy for Hereford which set out to better understand existing and future transport conditions in the city, and to assess alternative options particularly in light of the declared climate and ecological emergency and changes to national transport policy.

The votes cast were 27 for, 19 against and 6 abstentions. All 52 councillors were present and voted.

The decision means that the Hereford Transport Package will be removed from the council’s capital programme.

The council meeting can be viewed again on the council’s Youtube channel

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The incompetence of this council excluding this decision is shameful. 

From wasting millions on this,millions in overspend on the link road and new offices.The appalling shambles of the fownhope road repairs.the decision not to go ahead with the turning off Belmont island lights.no measures taken to ease the flow of traffic through the city.

What we did get is a closed bridge that has had a detrimental effect on trade,flower tubs and a bus lane to nowhere. 



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I agree to a certain level that the by pass will not solve our problems with internal traffic.The reason it is needed is because we have to build some 6-10,000 homes over the next 10 to 15 years and beyond.We simply do not have the locations within the City to do so and will be expanding the City limits as we are now.Couple that with
another 1,400 homes just off Three Elms Road and and we are heading for trouble.
Nobody listens to people concerns,Cllr Harington is all mouth no action and the rest of them have no idea how to resolve the traffic issues in the City apart from telling people to use a bike.

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