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Antisocial Behaviour Hereford

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Antisocial Behaviour: This is the Spur Retail Park in Holmer Road Hereford this morning.


This is the mess that is here virtually every morning from people’s behaviour from the night before. 

West Mercia Police / Hereford Cops should be handing out regular fines to each of these culprits. 

This is not something new either, this has been going on for a few years.

This is quite frankly disgusting behaviour, why can’t people gather quietly and dispose of their litter properly? We even have wooden pallets being thrown around the car park now..

Please Note: After we took these photographs and video we collected all the litter and put it in the bin correctly and the pallets were also removed and put in a safe area. Herefordshire Council

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More photographs 







After we took these photographs, we cleaned up the litter and placed the pallets in a safe area.


We collected all of the litter.



A nice collection of other people's litter.


We placed the broken pallets in a safe area away from kids and put this litter back inside this wheelie bin.

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1 hour ago, ragwert said:

I'm close to this retail park and heard them last night so they are possibly the same group from few nights ago that were in the Lesiure Centre car park around midnight doing doughnuts.

Be good if people managed to gather some photographs or video of them. Unfortunately this how some people behave, not a care in the world, be good to throw the litter in their cars, they would soon be moaning. 

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