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Herefordshire Council to Investigate Area-Wide 20mph Limits

Hereford Voice

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Herefordshire Council has a Full Council meeting this Friday 6th March and has a motion that the executive investigates the introduction of area-wide 20mph speed limits across Herefordshire’s towns and major villages.



Motion – 20 mph speed limits

(Proposed by Councillor Felicity Norman, Seconded by Councillor Ange Tyler)

Herefordshire Council recognises the benefits associated with a 20 miles per hour speed limit in residential areas rather than a default of 30 mph which exists in most parts of the town and County.

There are fewer fatalities and injuries, greater survivability in traffic collisions, improved air quality, reduced fuel use and greater willingness of the population to walk or cycle – which has associated health benefits.

Many councils have or are in the process of implementing area-wide 20mph speed limits on residential and urban roads without traffic calming.

Many bodies with a remit for public health support a reduction in speed limits to 20mph on residential streets.

Area-wide 20mph limits rarely need traffic calming measures. They are an affordable way to improve health equality by creating child, disability, elderly and dementia friendly streetscapes that help reduce inactivity, obesity and isolation.

This Council requests that the executive undertakes an investigation concerning the introduction of area-wide 20mph speed limits across Herefordshire’s towns and major villages.


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All of the 'historic core' and St James & Bartonsham has had 20mph zoning for several years. Living in the middle of it, I can honestly say it hasn't made a jot of difference to traffic speed. Even people who live here are either unaware of it or don't give monkeys. When it was first put in place, our ward councillor assured us a mobile camera would be put on hot spots eg Harold St (Cathedral School mothers in your massive SUV's, you're the worst offenders), but needless to say this never happened. As for this proposal, just an excuse for officers to justify their jobs, spend some money, put up yet more signs and then move on to the next pointless exercise. Completely pointless. Perchance any councillors should be reading this, how about doing something really, useful like turning off traffic lights?

The other point about 20mph is that it has no legal status - it cannot be enforced by the Police.

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