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I told you it would get worse! (continued)


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On 22/07/2019 at 20:18, megilleland said:

They've been out today at long last and cut the grass all down to their usual standard and left a mess behind them. How do they expect children to play on these areas. I am surprised no one has caught Lyme's Disease the grass was so long. The alley way up the side of the garages next to 34 Muir Close is still blocked by shrubs.

A month later and I have cleared the alley way as it is apparent that no one else is going to do it. The grass verge at the back of the Muir Close garages has never been cut this year and is still a mess.

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I have just got BBLP contractors to cut the garage strip mentioned above. They said the verge isn't on their list, but it only took them 5 mins to strim it. These separate bodies - Muir Housing, Herefordshire Housing and BBLP need to get together and sort out this grass cutting and street maintenance . It is a pity that for the large open space Argyll Rise that they don't collect the grass so the area is suitable for families and children to play on - it just looks a mess. The verges on the estate roads are also neglected. It is amazing that such basic maintenance can't be done with a sense of pride.

These organisations have got personnel within them who should get out of the office and walk round and check the state of these blighted areas.

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