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Plans for Fire & Police Station in Edgar St scrapped


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The plans for a new fire & police station on the Link Road Edgar Street have been scrapped with a new location being found on the former sports field of Painter Bros in Holmer Road.
Up until a few weeks ago this site was still for sale with an asking price in excess of £850,000


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Agreed, it's a very odd situation, especially given the spin we had when the Bath Street scheme was proposed, when we were told Edgar St was out of the question due to response times and a shared station with the Police was absolutely out of the question (which I was told personally by one of the team at the consultation event). Still, probably an opportunity for yet more traffic lights at that junction with the A49 ...

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Fire Alliance Strategic Plan 2018-2022
‘Securing a resilient and sustainable future’

Seeing that West Mercia and Warwickshire Police couldn't get on with one another. I see there is a
a plan to create a strategic alliance between Hereford & Worcester and Shropshire Fire and Rescue Services.

Wonder how this will develop and how much money will be wasted?

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I was at B+Q today. Picking up a 'click and collect' item. The traffic was horrendous on those service roads'! My gut feeling is that this is a wrong location for a Police hub. It is totally in the middle of nowhere. It might service the financial constraints but in no way does it service physical demand from the Public.  But I suppose everything is internet based now. So Campion may think that the location is irrelevant. 

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