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Snow - Hereford Road Conditions

Hereford Voice

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I took these photographs at 19.30 in Hereford this evening and as you can see the road conditions are pretty bad. This snow is like a powder and the wind is causing blizzard type conditions add this to the current -4 temperature and this is the result.


The forecast is that it is only going to get worse overnight.


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It is vile in Kingstone had serious trouble getting out of my house to walk my little dog down the drive and just a little up the road until she had a pee = perhaps too much detail but there you go. Just one vehicle has ventured out but don't think he got far.  Roll on a lovely spring warm morning when everything is greening up and the birds are singing and the lambs are bleating 

Note to self do not leave shovel/spade in garage if it is going to snow!!!

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