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Lest we forget

Chris Chappell

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Saturday,11th November at 11am, sees the annual commemoration at St.Martins Street cenotaph that former councillor Bob Preece and I have arranged for the last 15 years.

We comemorate the deaths of 79 men from the area who died between 1914 - 1919. None of the houses in south Wye today were there then, so this must have been a devastating loss of young men for the families and farms where they worked!

We also remember those who died in WW2 and countless other wars and skirmishes since. We are proud that within the grounds of St.Martins Church is a War Cemetery for the SAS.


Most years we have students from the local schools attend. This year as it is a Saturday we probably will not. So I hope that residents from south Wye will join the veterans and pay respects to the fallen of south Wye, including the women from the munitions factory at Rotherwas, at our cenotaph.

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Chris , it's so right that we make efforts on Armistice Day to remember the Fallen , I know it will continue way past the time I get my calling . The majority of Serving members of our Armed Forces and Veterans have reasons which they do not talk about to pay their respect on this day.


The Hereford Veterans Breakfast Club who meet at 0930 every other Saturday at the Imperial are meeting this Saturday , after a very good breakfast we will make our way to St Peters Sq for the short Servuce at 1100hrs.

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Good Evening Paul and Everyone.

Yes, this event at St. Martins is open to the public. We all need to show our support to all our veterans and to those who did not make it home. Please come along, make yourself known to me, you will be welcomed by all the veterans.


On Sunday 12th November, for first time ever, at St.Peters Sq, we will be joined by the last of the Canary girls. The women who worked at the Rotherwas Munitions Factory. We need to be proud of our mothers and grandmothers who worked there, sadly, to few to attend on Sunday.


For those of you who are at home, watch Women at War on Friday, BBC 1 9.15 am. Three former local canary girls will be on the telly. Two of them, hope to be well enough to be in St. Peter’s Square on Sunday to watch a wreath being laid on their behalf. When you are 90 something you cannot be sure you are able to attend!

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I attended the Service around the War Memorial in St Peters Sq on Saturday 1100 hrs on the 11 of the 11th , which I have done fir a number of years . Good attendance. My criticism , and it's been my criticism for a good few years is that the members of the public are unable to hear what's being said by the Preacher and others who are located around the Memorial . There are two apparent

Solutions ........ 1. A Sound System is set up, or

2. The Council person who," marshalled " the great and the good should encourage the Public to move forward into the road closer to the War Memorial . The public are reluction to block the road but will if encouraged to do so .


Hopefully a City Councilor will read this and consider the options .?


Thought that you would like to read this poem, it's very true and probably one of the most poignant poems I have read for a few years.........


A Soldiers Story.


I was which others cared not to be.

I went where others feared to go and did what others failed to do.

I asked nothing of those who gave nothing and reluctantly accepted the thought of internal loneliness should I fail.

I have seen the face of terror, felt the chill of fear, warmed to the touch of love.

I have hoped and pained and cried, but foremost lived in times that others would say best forgotten. At the very least in later days I would be able to say with GREAT PRIDE that I am indeed a SOLDIER....or a VERY PROUD VETERAN .

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Good Evening, Ubique and Everyone.


I have already mentioned about the sound system. I agree we need to do more to make it more clear. I am a little deaf and find it difficult to hear what is being said. I will certainly pursue this as it is particularly important that we get it sorted for next year. I am not an expert on this, but it may be because of the surrounding buildings? You may have seen that this year there was a screen up close to the Town Hall, this was to enable people in St. Owen Street to see what was going on. Was this a success?


More people than ever are attending and the event is planned some weeks ahead with the RBL, City Council and Police meeting up to discuss all the issues. I am not involved with that but I understand that the thing about the crowds getting closer is a logistical one.

Leaving space for the uniformed groups to march and those laying wreaths to get to the cenatraph unheeded. There is also a security issue. But again I will mention it to those who do the organising.


It was great to see so many there, paying thier respects. For the first time ever, we had the Munition Workers recognised. The lady in the wheel chair, Nancy, is 99 years old, she was going to be joined by two other ladies but I am afraid the other two ladies were too indisposed to take part. You may have seen a camera crew following Nancy. This is part of the BBC ‘In Side Out’ programmes campaign to get national recognition for all munitions workers. Without them, the result of both wWorld Wars would have been much different.


Ubique, that poem is wonderful, not come across it before. It is great that so many people turn out to say Thank You, we owe all who serve to keep us safe a big Thank You.

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