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Hereford FC match abandoned


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To think they would have paid many pounds to get to the match and to get into the match.


If they are on benefits they should be sanctioned - I am not a football fan but dam and blast them.  The people of Hereford FC have worked so hard to get something good going and a small minority try to rubbish it.  What is wrong with people nowadays? 


And please nobody tell me they are bored etc etc

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From BBC website


Two men were arrested after a violent pitch invasion caused a football match to be abandoned.

About 100 people were involved in the incident towards the end of Didcot Town's Southern Football League game against Hereford FC.

Didcot said it was "very disappointed", while Hereford - leading 2-1 at the time of the abandonment - said it was "deeply concerned".

BBC commentator Bill Rennells said "fists were flying everywhere".

A Thames Valley Police spokesman said: "A 19-year-old man from Hereford was arrested on suspicion of a public order offence, and a 19-year-old man from Hereford was arrested on suspicion of common assault."

Didcot manager Andy Ballard called it a "very bizarre day".

'Tough call'

He added: "I do have to commend the referee, he made a fantastic decision to call the game off.

"He couldn't guarantee the safety of the players, the supporters and everybody in the ground, so he made a very tough call, but I think it's the right one.

"Throughout the game [the tension] was always kind of there. Some of the abuse our goalkeeper was taking was vile and I have to commend him for keeping cool.

"Having a fan up in his face he didn't react, he walked away."

Mr Rennells, a journalist since the age of 14, said: "It's something I've never ever seen before in my 71-year career. There were people being held back, and some people trying to stop it."

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Whatever the outcome of any enquiry mud sticks and for the foreseeable future Hereford FC reputation will be tarnished .

Reading the very articulated report by Bulls news would suggest that the Stewards should have done more to reduce the tension during the match - having said that if this was the first time in ages that there had been ' trouble ' at the match nor was there any apparent intelligence suggesting trouble I can maybe understand why they didn't.

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"....any apparent intelligence suggesting trouble" .


Well, the Fair Play and Respect tables - see http://www.herefordfc.co.uk/fair-play-respect-tables/ suggest that Hereford and Didcot may have different perspectives on these matters. Would that have been enough intelligence?


Apologies , will have to pass on your question .

Had a look at the Fair Play and Respect tables , it appears to me that the tables relate to the actions of the players plus the Refs opinion -

Perhaps now is a good time to admit that I have never been to a professional football match - having said that , I have admired the way that HCFC have risen from the ashes and sadly I now fear the worse for them .

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