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Mill Street closed


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So our preferred partners, BBLP, will have routinely checked this tree and found that it wasn't about to fall over, so why the panic and chainsaws now? Perhaps they haven't been doing their job and haven't looked at it? Surely not. Our previous preferred partners Amey cut down a perfectly healthy, rare and historic tree in Mill Street, a criminal act, which the Council glossed over, so there is reason to question what we are paying for. I don't of course expect any answers.

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I can only assume that after Doris Day local residents were concerned about it falling onto their houses although why I don't know? (I assume you would be relaxed about that  :Happy_32: ).   

I am told the tree was inspected by Gerry Ross Tree Surgeon either yesterday or today. Perhaps you had better ask him exactly what he recommended but with the age and lean of the tree the removal of some of the branches presumably cannot be a wholly bad and criminal thing?

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