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Madness returns to Widemarsh Street


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Why do companies like Griffiths get things so wrong?
Widemarsh Street is one way again today with some new signage..But its still not right
They seem to have got the message that it would be a good idea to have the road open up to the roadworks so

they have had a sign made stating Widemarsh Street closed after Wicks which is brilliant but its 30ft  down from signs

saying ahead closed diversion.
All it needed was a sign saying Access only road closed after Wicks.




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It gets better. The warning signs put in place a couple of weeks ago said the road would be closed from tomorrow! They came along just before lunch and took all the cones away and reopened the road.

Guess it will all be done again tomorrow.

Hysterical !!

I heard Malvern Tyres complained so they took it down.

Wonder if they remove the Road closed sign & replace it with the Widemarsh St closed after Wicks sign at the front as it should be..

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From what I have seen of Griffiths  workers i can understand why they can not get things right.  I have seen them throw cones in front of cars as they chuck them from one side of the road to another, leave a generator working non-stop all night that is suppose to power lights to light up a path and yet the lights was not working and this happened for a few days in a row and one trying to play chicken with the traffic.

if that is the best they can do, expect the new road to fall apart in less than a year.


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I hope they don't have a chap stationed within the coned off area sitting in a van with the engine running all day, just to police the one way system. Don't know quite what it achieves anyway, they're usually just sat looking at their phone, or asleep (I kid you not).

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No doubt because they offered the lowest price, I just hope it do not all go wrong and we end up with a road that needs re patching every few months.

From the bits i have seen, i am not that impressed, 

Seriously Adrian they ain't a bunch of travellers with a load of tarmac on the back of their waggon.I'd rather see local people getting work from projects like this.

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