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Hereford Express Licence Review

Colin James

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Hereford Express in Foley Lane are having their licence reviewed due to selling cigarettes and alcohol to underage people.


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During the course of an operation run by trading standards on 25th October 2016, Mr Selven Nathan DOB 25.10.1988 did sell age restricted products to two underage volunteers who were in fact sixteen years old. Namely one pouch of Cutter’s Choice hand rolled tobacco, a can of Scrumpy Jacks and a bottle of Blossom Hill Wine. This contravenes the Licensing Act 2003 and also the The Nicotine Inhaling Products (Age of Sale and Proxy Purchasing) Regulations 2015.

The seller mentioned above was interviewed at the time of sale and evidence gathered showed that Mr Nathan had no regard to the challenge 25 policy that he was aware of. He hadn’t received adequate training from the DPS nor was he aware of the condition regarding a refusals register.
We had received complaints regarding this premises that they were selling age restricted products to children. When interviewed under caution, Mr Nathan told me that he had been visited (that same week) by a college lecturer and advised that college student were being sold tobacco and alcohol products. But Mr Nathan did not ID either of the volunteers.
Giving the location of the premises being in close proximity to the college, it is the opinion of the service area that the licence to sell alcohol be revoked to prevent further sales in order to protect children from harm.
The sales show the DPS does not have control of the premises.
Herefordshire Council Licensing Policy states that any premises failing a test purchase will be reviewed
Full details can be found here
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It would appear that it was not something that happened today so obviously not breaking.  The guys who run these shop must be useful in some way because they just keep popping up somewhere else in the city.  


Off topic slightly just been talking to somebody who also holds HC in high regard and he brought the subject of charity shops in town up.  I was surprised (or was I) British Heart Foundation (if that is the one on the corner opposite the Kerry) occupy their premises rate free and because they are a charity do not pay tax yet they buy in new furniture to sell so they are really more like a normal shop.  


A lot of charities do do a wonderful job but this does not seem quite right morally somehow.

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Hereford Express sold alcohol and cigs to children. They were given opportunities to put matters right through staff training and conditions on the licence. They failed to engage and fully appreciate the seriousness of the situation. Neither the police or Trading Standards asked for the licence to be revoked, the committee felt it necessary and made their decision based on fact and the need to ensure it did not happen again at this shop.

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