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  1. Should have a full licence by 01 March
  2. This shop was in front of the council licensing committee on 07 February applying for an alcohol licence. The applicant was a Monika Plevyte from Gloucester. Both the police objected to the application. She - it was established - is a front for Karzan Ella's who owns the lease. The committee heard that when Trading Standards raided the shop last year she was in the act of selling rolling tobacco to a customer - tobacco that was non duty paid. When the shop was searched a switch when pressed revealed a hidden storage hole behind the fuse box. This is where illegal or smuggled tobacco was hidden. Ms Plevyte produced a petition of 200 names supporting her application. Her solicitor asked that she be given a chance...when she was pressed she said she was an employee and did what Mr Elias said. Committee decision....refused. This is just the tip of the iceberg when tackling contraband or smuggled tobacco Oh what are their nationalities...Lithuanian
  3. Just an idea. Many outlets in the city give out free food to those in need (and some who are too needy), an alternative suggestion was shown on TV on Friday - the community fridge. A concept of a public fridge where you can leave food near to its sell by date and take food if needed. The idea is run by volunteers who visit every day to sort the food - getting rid of old stuff. The fridge is open 1100 to 8pm with many supermarkets and independents donating. The aim is for every town to have at least one community fridge. It takes away the stigma of going to a charity outlet. This is about community participation giving and taking with no restrictions based on an individuals status. Perhaps something the council (doubtful) or churches could do. Check out community fridge on line or on Jamie & Jimmy's Friday Food
  4. Hereford Express sold alcohol and cigs to children. They were given opportunities to put matters right through staff training and conditions on the licence. They failed to engage and fully appreciate the seriousness of the situation. Neither the police or Trading Standards asked for the licence to be revoked, the committee felt it necessary and made their decision based on fact and the need to ensure it did not happen again at this shop.
  5. Remember innocent until - and if - found guilty
  6. Problem was those who used it felt it was a no go area for anyone who wasn't part of their 'gang'. It had the potential to be a proper community pub but failed spectacularly by upsetting the neighbours big time..silly things like blocking the pavement to smoke or shouting/swearing when leaving late at night didn't help. Very few of these 'back street' pubs left in the city. Shame
  7. Great to see the Grapes opening next week...I met the new owners today - very easy going Irish couple - who intend to turn the pub into a friendly old fashioned Irish pub..food music and good ale - oh and proper Irish Guinness brewed in Ireland not the Manchester crop. Having this pub back open alongside Gordon Bennett, The Booth and The Lichfield Vaults is all good news for this part of the city. Best of luck to you all...
  8. So it's football...today's Telegraph reports a likely strike by grass-roots referees due to the ever rising levels of verbal - and in some cases physical - abuse. So it's part of football I've been deafened by the lack of response by the HFC chairman So it's part of football
  9. HFC first league loss this campaign, fans not happy with the referee...so was it the family friendly atmosphere we all want or as I expect screaming swearing and targeted abuse by the very vocal minority who will not have been challenged by the ineffective club stewards...why? Because it's all part of football!!
  10. You know I've lived and worked in this city and off for 40 years...and it was only last week I went in for a coffee for the very first time. Coffee great but the place was old looking and appeared to be on its last legs. Both the Regency and Ascaris seem to coping and always appear to be busy. If this cafe has closed, end of an era with the current market populated by frothy overpriced multi national cloned coffee shops.
  11. Good idea hope it works...but what about the current twinned places in Germany - Dillenberg and France - Vernion (I think). Is the twinning with them still live and vibrant - if it is what does it give to both sides apart from names on a few signs. If twinning happens it should current cultural, educationally and commercially
  12. This thread is about swearing at Edgar Street and the statement from the chair of HFC. Nothing to do with racism.
  13. I would suggest all should read the FA's code of conduct which has been signed up on by the club and Herefordshire FA. What this chairman is advocating is actually against the code he supports. Perhaps clarity is required with regards to what he actually meant with regards to 'swearing' and banter at football games.
  14. These weeks HT has a full page article about Hereford FC the minor problems they have had with some supporters and the great support they are getting from fans. The new chairman - Ken Kinnersley - has made a quite ridiculous comment 'We never want to stop swearing because that's part of football....'. I bet HT were rubbing their hands with glee when he said this So to use the f word or even the c word to Edgar Street in front of children, women or any other person who has a modicum of decency is okay by him. No I'm taking the moral high ground and can/do swear on occasions. Every youth football club and schools have a strict zero tolerance on abuse and have and will continue to challenge behaviour to ensure correct standards are set for our young people. Players at all levels are given yellow cards or sent off for swearing, people are arrested for using foul language in the street, parents chastise their children and customers are banned from pubs for acting in a similar manner. So perhaps Mr Kinnersley should actually reflect on what he has been quoted of saying and realise the damage this can cause for the reputation of the club as a supposed community asset for all to enjoy. Debate.
  15. Make noise...seems the only way to get things sorted and those who are paid to do the work motivated. This is supposed to be the premier children's play area for the city and now seems to going to rack and ruin
  16. Additional update. Appeal for Alex Polish Shop in Ledbury was refused at Hereford Mag Court today (20/12). It is a convenience shop run by a Polish couple who sold contraband tobacco and non duty paid vodka and then applied for an alcohol licence! Application was refused a few months back after police and Trading Standards objections, the owners appealed the decision and it was refused today...(they failed to turn up) Cost to the public purse at least 4k. Costs awarded to the council - will they pay....
  17. There is a clear missing link in the legislation. Licensing Act - alcohol licence can be revoked. Shop stays open Trademark legislation - fine, shop stays open Illegal immigrants - civil fine. Shop stays open Contraband/illicit tobacco/alcohol legislation - prison and/or fine. Shop stays open Criminal conspiracy- prison. Shop stays open Planning regulations - nothing. Shop stays open So answers on a postcard what needs to be done to stop an individual operating a particular business in commercial/retail premises...?
  18. Credit due where credit is recognised. It's a sad sign of the times that it takes social media campaigning to get what we all know was always needed. (Some) Elected councillors and very well paid public services take note and think for yourselves (be proactive instead of reactive)
  19. This is pure criminal behaviour- intentionally selling goods which are contraband or brought into the country illegally. Full licensing hearing for Mila & Supersam is Thursday 15 December when a committee of councillors will decide what action they will take. In addition (hopefully) the shops owner will be prosecuted over the next few months. These cases are not a case of someone trying to keep their head above the water. This is deliberate intentional and systematic A change in legislation which allows courts to close shops is needed. A further debate should be held about the landlord who rent these shops out. They are taking rent which could be viewed as proceeds of crime - so money laundering comes to mind
  20. Had the story already...
  21. Once again the HTIMES have ignored the positives by the local cops and council. 2 shops raided - Mila in Belmont Road and Supersam in Eign Street. 2 illegal immigrants arrested. 250k of contraband/illegal cigs plus large quantity of illegal alcohol. Both shops owned by the same man. Others arrested as well...3 days later alcohol licenses suspended. Not seen as a current story by the HTIMES disappointing
  22. Private car park or not action can be taken by the police. SECTION59 notices concern the use of a vehicle in a manner that cause annoyance, harassment or distress. Police issue a notice which is valid against the driver AND vehicle for 12 months. If the driver or someone else driving the same vehicle acts in a similar manner in the 12mths, the car is seized and a large release fee has to be paid PLUS the insurance company are told AND they do cancel the drivers insurance. So if this conduct effects you, report it to the police (be prepared to give a written statement) and I can assure you action will be taken. It's not about persecution of young (ish) drivers but about treating issues seriously and stopping this stupid and sometimes dangerous behaviour
  23. Have you ever been in the business side of the building? Absolute mess, staff vieing for limited space, no privacy and constant noise. The council are very lax when it comes to managing it's work spaces. Job Centres/DSS have a corporate model of consistency when working such as no coffee breaks at work stations and no unnecessary non work related chatter...Job Centre sharing work space with the council will be interesting. Many are off to Plough Lane - plenty of space but not enough parking spaces (free) for workers...shame..
  24. Normal service resumes today - random abandoned cars and vans - sooner they put in a traffic order the better...how many years have we been waiting!!
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