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How to lose One Hundred Thousand Pounds a day?


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Our local NHS Trust have achieved this remarkable achievement by following the ideology of Common Purpose, placing their complete faith in LinkedIn and its vast number of under achievers who swim amongst their members deluding themselves and us into ever believing that 'it's a business' and should be run in that way when it was, is and always will be a bloody service.

Back to the question though. How did they manage it. Well, a start would be in giving the land the old Hospitals once sat upon away at a very commercially and highly interesting price. Next to buggar all is extremely interesting.

Then you get the interested sharks from the private sector to agree to build you a new one, which, considering the future opportunities that'll emerge, they happily agree to do, just as long as they get some sugar at the very end of the feeding frenzy upon our public funds. The bloody rent!

You then get some Wiley, cunning and very clever sharp suits from the private sector who've been feasting for years off the highly rewarding PFI stupidity, pop them in a room and introduce them to the public sector suits who just happen to be bloody incompetent, know nothing about how to avoid getting ripped off and eaten alive, set a rate of rent which is hugely damaging to the future well being of the Hospital and, end up wth a building that's far to small than the one the County really needed, very costly to run with an accompanying annual costs that'd destroy any public service organisation that doesn't manufacture and sell anything and can never ever service the debt that the highly paid, let's pay the best to get the best, incompetent public service suits agreed upon because they were out of their depth, largely due to the fact they'd all reached their own level of personal incompetence many years ago whilst combing the greasy pole of Public Sector Money Games.

Once that's been done, you gather in all the past failures, the dross and dregs of the public sector, allow them to build their Empire Of Dirt, stock it so full of management the whole thing evolves into a bureaucratic beast of burden that begins to eat itself alive resulting in administrative chaos that's not helped because the very same idiots who gave the Hospital away to PFI are the very same ones who negotiated yet another highly expensive and badly procured project that nobody ever wanted or needed but it sounded like a good idea at the time.

Then, you begin outsourcing everything to the private sector, enabling the savings of imaginary millions, the creation of thousands of imaginary jobs and the opportunity to never be held to accountability because it wasn't ever going to be your fault and just to confuse anyone who dares ever look beneath the big lie, you create loads of bloody Partnerships who are there to share in the glorious failure of it all chanting, 'lessons have been learnt' guaranteeing to everyone that they'll dig deeper and deeper before ever admitting that they buggered it all up.

Next, create Arms Length companies that can secrete the dreadful failures and never be opened to public scrutiny. Then, once you start that, create some Partnerships. They're all pointless of course but it all looks so grand from their corporate perspective and adds greatly to the ever increasing cycle of confusion, chaos and the stumbling from one self created disaster to the other that's just around their corner.

Then, once the private sector have created their Health Care Support company that's staffed with hundreds of Nurses and Doctors who left the local Health Trust because the money was better and the stress less, you get to lose lots more money quite quickly on staffing costs. Costs that are so high you've absolutely no chance of ever breaking even in this lopsided game of The Public Sector Cash Trough.

Course, there's the hundreds of other contracts that were also negotiated between the Idiot and the private sector. Want a new phone. Pay me. New Light Bulb. Pay me. No matter what it is or how simply the job can be done. Pay me! You pay me over and over again until our contract with one another expires.

In short, every single component part of our local NHS Trust is tainted by a commercial contract negotiated by an incompetent bungling idiot who's either left the gravy train or, through sheer luck,has managed to cling on despite the part they played in losing us all one hundred thousand pounds every day of our seven day week.

That's pretty much how to lose that sort of money. You simply make one single crucial strategic appointment and allow that one single idiot to indulge themselves and allow their imagination to run riot.

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Nice to see you back on the forum Bobby and what a return with the above post. Bang on and straight to the point. The country is in a mess and is going to get worse before it gets better. The public need to wake up and react - after all it is their money these suits are playing around with.

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b47 is spot on as usual - but, in response to megilleland, part of the problem for the public is that all of these public bodies have built such strong walls around themselves, getting anything changed is nigh on impossible. This can be seen with our own Council - the Cabinet are autocratic - no matter what foot soldier councillors or the general public say, they are ignored. They have set up a system which renders them completely impervious to any intervention. Sadly, most of the public are unaware, more interested in vacuous celebrities and shopping.

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Seems to me that everything is run by incompetent idiot pen pushers sat behind desks who are actually clueless to 
what happens in the real world.
All our Councillors who have any dealings with planning side of Herefords road infrastructure are included.
I'd like to know from ANY of these Councillors why NOTHING is being done to the inner cIty road network to alleviate 

at least some of the traffic problems motorists face nearly every day.
The dire problems with traffic lights that snarl up traffic that should never have been installed in the first place & the lack of simple roundabouts that could of done a better job.
I have seen a post somewhere that Herefordshire council pay the highways agency some 10-15k every year for the maintenance of Herefords SCOOT traffic light system,something that has never worked for some 14 years.

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Hello lads. Yes, back, humbled, still bruised and very keen not to fall out with anyone again. As for your comments, and in particular that of TW, it's all so true. These walls that they've constructed are now so high and steep nothing gets in and little gets out. At the heart of it all is an obsession in Reputation Management which takes priority above all else.

As a tiny illustration, that perhaps goes some way to explaining to the many who don't particularly bother to much with their public services and their finances, a mate of mine is among the lower hierarchy at the Hospital. For some operational reason he quickly wanted another phone extension in his offices. Avoiding the usual protocols, he phoned up a well known provider, explained that he only wanted a junction box and a signal cable point, a new phone wasn't needed because there were loads around and they quoted him a price of just under fifty quid.

It didn't happen. Not with this provider. The Trust administration stepped in, explained their contractual obligations and used their contract provider. The outcome? Just under two hundred quid plus VAT. Pay me! Pay me!Over and over again, no matter the scale of the job and it's tiny insignificance, we pay because they couldn't be bothered to show some prudence with the publics money.

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