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Trump the New President of the USA


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I would like to write a story about this but I can't.

Whether you want to preserve our little county to traditions of the past or bring it into the globalisation that has caused so much distress well fear now. If you don't do films or gaming I'm sorry but a synergy with Fight Club or perhaps Call of Duty.


All the key Captains are now in place...if you have a God well you'd better get in touch.


It's been an incredible 18 months in many ways. .....we have a real problem now.

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Worrying times! Unreal to think someone with absolutely ZERO experience as a politician can become president! Trump's head will get even bigger now, if that is possible but one in the eye for the far left. Kanye West next! Shocked is an understatement. Lets see if he builds that wall that he was ranting on about so much now...time will tell

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We criticize the police at times for deviating off the lawful blue line but in this case the world's policeman has just gone rogue with the bullying mentality and firepower to do exactly want they want to do.


Will we now become a real American puppet based on all Trump views or will we stand alone with noisy irritating neighbours on all sides.


Only democracy can guarantee peace....

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I'm genuinely not surprised. The Pollsters had it wrong again and like our recent General Election, where the people couldn't admit the decades long socially engineered feeling indoctrinated into them of feeling shame for voting Tory or The Referendum where the people were to ashamed to admit they didn't want Free Movement Of People, the media were fooled and the establishment and liberal minded political classes have once again been given a bloody nose. Their game, that they've held a monopoly on is up and the times they are a changing.

Next up will be Angela Merkle who, together with others, including the whole EU model that inevitably will fall apart because the people value their unique national identity, they reject the current version of globalisation and above all they want protectionist economic policies that aid their own.

As for us, in Blighty, our exit from the EU will now be much smoother because the Trump administration despise the EU and, unlike Obama, who threatened our people because the establishment asked him to, this Presidency will be friendlier and more willing to accommodate us and any trade deal will get pushed upwards rather than downwards as Obarma had previously threatened.

As for Mother Russia, tensions will ease, relations will become closer and hopefully there'll be a period of peaceful understanding. Unfortunately it's highly problematic. The Trump administration will tell its NATO partners that if they want to be defended then they'll be required to pay. To us and the French, who are the only European nations with anything like a decent defence budget that will be no problem. But, for many who've got no defence force and are so poor and impoverished, the requirement to pay a couple of percent of their GDP will be an impossible ask and so what happens then?

Depends how hungry Russia is to reunite its former Soviet satellite states. It's a possibility that in the near future Russia will do as the Germans once did. There'll be a Land Grab that'll test the resolve of NATO and bring us all to a point where War is likely.

And why will this scenario possibly become a truth? Because the European Union began its expansionistic policies hoovering up the Eastern European nations that consequently made Russia angry and threatened that their citizens might want to join the lands of plenty.

History is repeating itself and we've only got ourselves to blame. We've all sat back and allowed the EU to grow from a trading market into a vast empire that's being ruled by unelected servants to huge global business conglomerate organisations that use the people to work as cheap labour with one single purpose. To generate vast profits for a few hundred people who've interest in national identity.

All in all, as frightening as it might become, I'm quite pleased!

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Hi Bobby


Though much of what you said is true I can't accept that today is a good day so I'm not pleased at all.


There are so many reasons and examples why I feel this way but to bring it home a little we now might feel obliged to increase spending on military and nuclear capabilities. Where does the money come for this? National budgets on healthcare, local social welfare budgets or perhaps huge increases in taxes across the board. Of course we could allow the U.S. to just move across the pond and move in proper like....

American corporates have been running business in the UK for a very long time including our NHS supply chain....The super powers are squaring up for a fight but this time possibly in our own back yard...not theirs.

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classic case of the general public giving a big two fingered salute to the politicians - Trump may well give the impression of being a total muppet (especially with the hair - would have loved to have seen Spitting Image covering the election) - but at the end of the day, he isn't a career politician, he is a businessman - a bit like Reagan I suppose, he was an actor before politics became his calling, and look at the good he did.

So now we have a female PM here, a "buffoon" in the USA and a Russian president who loves his country - sounds almost like the days of Reagan/Thatcher/Gorbachov back in the 80's!

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