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You Ain't Supposed To Know About This. Yet!


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The local NHS, funded by yet another PFI arrangement, are about to rubber stamp the construction of a special purpose building, costed at around 18million, that'll be built upon the Railway Station Approach in near or close proximity to the new Road To Nowhere in the City centre.

The following general medical practices are in line to leave their current places of business that serve their patients and become a part of the new central hub for general medical care....Quay House, Moorfields, Sarum House & Greyfriars Surgeries.

It's my understanding that the medical practices that have already agreed to this will sell their existing premises, pocket the equity which they are perfectly entitled to do and pay the going rate to rent their space within this new community centralised medical treatment hub.

As to why this has happened and why it's happening? In years gone by qualified Doctors would be on the look out to buy their way into an established practice who owned their own premises. One old Doctor would retire, a new one would come in, the fifty thousand quid would be given to the retiring Doctor and so on and so on. That's the way it used to work.

Now, in these days of austerity, Doctor shortages, no money available to buy out the old retiring Doctor and a public service thirst for centralisation, privatisation and transformation, we've now reached a tipping point of no inward or outward investment and a model of care for the community that can be run from the centre with little or no sense of community or care about us the service users.

In short, slowly but surely every single public service, including our much cherished Health Service is being transformed toward privatisation through the backdoor and there seems no way we the people can halt this slide toward the surrender of everything we once held dear and took for granted.

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NHS privatisation is a foregone conclusion - it's been happening slowly for years now, hence the lack of money in the service, poor conditions etc (plus of course the underlying interests of certain ministers in parliament who set to gain from privatising it) TTIP would have been one of the final nails in the coffin if it had come to fruition, as that would have allowed the US health care companies access to the service.

Before long only the higher earners will be able to afford healthcare, look at how prescriptions have risen in the last few years. I know that people who are on long term medication get it for free, but how long can we expect that to last?


As for centralising the doctors surgeries mentioned, in some ways, yes I can see the advantages from several perspectives. Cost of buildings, distances travelled etc all add up, but why put them in one of the least accessible points of the city? Rather than one big centralised doctors surgery, why not amalgamate two into one, and have slightly larger satellite surgeries? Really cannot see one large surgery offering the correct levels of service for their patients. It's hard enough getting appointments at certain ones now - in some cases you need to be clairvoyant to be able to book an appointment, as you need to know in advance when you are going to be ill!

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I heard this proposal a number of years ago from a Conservative Councillor saying it would be a good idea to have a medical service in the ESG area, but I thought then it was a daft idea as Doctors surgeries are best placed amongst large areas of housing. I think this is being proposed in the Three Elms development - a large new purpose built surgery in the middle of 1500 new homes. Why have a large surgery in the middle of of the City where there is little or no parking but hundreds of traffic lights. Are they trying to make congestion in that area even worse than it currently is, with people driving in and out for their appointments every 10 minutes. 

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It sounds like a way of encouraging people to go to primary care rather than A&E, however it would put my surgery about a 30min walk away, if I am sick I am hardly likely to manage an hours round trip



My Surgery is 4 miles away with a 3 week waiting list for initially appointments plus I have been referred to the Surgery Physiotherapy following a slip / fall I had on 10th July , have been advised that he will contact me in mid October to make an appointment in November ! It's all going to worms , fast .

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