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Mrs Ubique has just phoned our Doctor to make an appointment which is not classed as urgent but needs to be seen fairly quickly . Some members will know that a couple of months ago she had surgery at the County.


The first available appointment they can offer her is the 26th July !


We are now driving upto the Drop in Centre at Asda - if she has to wait a couple of hours it's better that over 2 weeks.

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A friend rang up Moorfields Surgery to get an appointment today. He was 49th in the queue and held on for 30 minutes. I was advised to use an online booking system last November, but this has few available dates and is usually empty. Also I never see my doctor available on this site. I see Mrs May wants us to Skype the doctor/hospital in the future with a third of hospital appointments, 30,000 in total, to be replaced by Skype ­consultations by 2028. I can't wait till I see a robot (AI) - hope he has warm hands!

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I have to have a blood test every 3 months , went to Kings St Surgery on 21st Nov, first available date which I accepted was 18th December . On the 18th Dec blood taken , I had a query about the tabs I am taking , it was arranged for Dr to phone me on the first available date........4th Jan between 11.30 and 1135 ...............I googled my query , found the answer and cancelled the Dr telephone call .

Slightly off Post just wondering if "They " will,apologies for the amalgamation of the City Surgerys before the new building was built - what has it achieved for the Staff and Patients ? 

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 I came out after 9 days of intravenous drip three times a day for a serious blood infection caught after surgery I was told to get

a blood test done on a Wednesday.Rang up and could not get one until Friday eve then waited until Monday for results....Which was too late.
My blood clot on lung had developed into an abcess filling my plural cavity with 2 litres of fluid.
Spent the next eight days in hospital again having intravenous drip & a metal tube put into lung cavity so it could drain.
My experience after coming out and having to book blood tests was shocking with doc surgery telling me on many occasions it would be over a week 
to get one.I then asked to book a blood test through Taurus and could get one done pretty much the next day.
I'd say to anyone wanting to book an appointment ask if you can book through Taurus



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Attended my Doctors for a blood test today , because I am having problems with my medicial problem (PMR) asked for a Dr appointment, cannot be classed as emergency although I am having pain a few hours a day .

Result ....... Dr can phone me on the 10 April or can see me on the 23rd April ................ I am now writing to my Dr and advising her that to reduce the pain I intend to increase my steroid tablets .........asking her to advise me if that's ok by her ...........putting the ball in her Court . Time will tell ..........

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