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Happy 20th Birthday to the second Severn Bridge

Colin James

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I don’t know, but I do know that the tolls keep going up well ahead of inflation. Tolls that have been levied since 1966 (on the original bridge obviously) were due to finish in 2017, but not now, simply to be reduced, according to that nice Mr Osbourne. No doubt the banks and builders that own it spoke nicely to him about that.

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According to WikiPedia, ownership and operation of the bridge passed to Severn River Crossing plc on 26 April 1992 as part of the deal to build the Second Severn Crossing.

As of November 2010, Severn River Crossing Plc was owned
35% John Laing, British developer infrastructure operator
35% Vinci, French concessions and construction company
15% Bank of America, American multinational banking and financial services corporation
15% Barclays Capital, British multinational investment bank[36]
The company's 2011 annual report showed the same companies still owned, through subsidiary companies, all the issued ordinary share capital of the Plc.[37]
Ownership of the bridge and the Second Severn Crossing will return to the UK government when the revenue required to build and maintain them, as defined in a Concession Agreement with the Secretary of State for Transport, has been collected.
As above, this was supposed to be in 2017, but due to various issues, seems now to be an open ended agreement.
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