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No More 24 Hour At Tesco Belmont

Colin James

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Tesco Belmont Hereford is to cease opening 24 hours, instead they will open 6am-midnight. 


24hours not.jpg


Tesco is ending 24-hour shopping at 76 of its stores - around one in five of those currently open around the clock.

The company says the growth of online shopping means that certain shops had few customers during the night.
Normal night time activities - such as refilling shelves - will continue in the supermarkets so Tesco says the impact on employees will be "minimal".
The move is Tesco's latest effort to turn around its business which has been hit by challenges on several fronts.
The outlets affected will close between midnight and 6am and four hundred staff will be "affected".
Tesco says it will do its best to make sure all staff affected are "found a new position either in their existing store or stores local to them".
The outlets include those in Mickleover Superstore, Derbyshire, Flitwick Superstore in Bedfordshire and Dereham Extra in Norfolk.
There are currently about 400 Tesco stores open 24 hours a day.
"It makes much more sense for colleagues at those stores to focus on replenishing the shelves instead and making sure they're fully stocked when they open their doors at 6am," said Tesco retail director Tony Hoggett.
This is the latest step in chief executive Dave Lewis' shake-up of the supermarket's business. Since he joined the company in September 2014 he has put Tesco's focus on price cuts and putting more staff in stores in an attempt to revive the company's fortunes


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I do and they are one of the worst employers out there


I have two friends who both work at Tesco and like many of their work colleagues have worked there for many years. In both of my friends cases they have both worked at Tesco for over 15 years, does not sound bad to me and they both tell me today that Tesco's is good to them, no problems over the years. Getting back to the 24 hours discussion, I have only been into the store after midnight on a couple of occasions and both were to buy over the counter medicine for the kids from memory.

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