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Tesco Belmont Earmarked To End 24 Hour Opening

Denise Lloyd

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Having been in, in the wee small hours.  It seems the main priority is stocking shelves.  The till area that was self scan had no member of staff nearby, to turn the till on and only when I asked is it free tonight then did the till get switched on, as till person was employed stacking as well.  Realistically huge amounts of money are not made its other night workers buying snacks, so a useful service is provided.  But also it doesn't look like TESCO are paying unwarranted wages.  But then I am not a share holder in a money grabbing corporation.

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Over the last year I have found Tesco have become very expensive, as an example two weeks ago I went to M & S for my food shopping and managed to get 9 chilled meals for £38 (some special offers ie 2 for £7) then last week I went to Tesco in Belmont and paid £76 for the same items of food, so I know where I will be going in future.

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24 hour has been handy for me particularly if I have been working late, I hope at least one of the Hereford stores remains 24 hour but I was under the impression that the Belmont store was the busier of the two but I could be wrong.

The main store in town closes at 12, so if the Belmont one is going to close at  12 then that means none of them will open after 12 midnight. So the only store in Hereford that will open 24 hours is Asda. 

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Anyone working shifts may find it a bind but hey what did we do before 24 hour shopping


Ah yes wait until the next day


Also some of the other supermarkets are much cheaper and i find their quality is better


I agree with you about waiting for the next day, i know some people got busy lives, but then so did my parents and my mum used to have to go shopping using a bus to get there and back, do house work and then go to work in the evening. The shops only opened 9-5 and certainly did not open on a Sunday.


I know of someone who lives virtually next door to a supermarket and yet have online delivery from that supermarket, there is nothing wrong with them, and they do not work.

People are getting lazy




I should have put we have to think about those who could also potentially loose their jobs but hope this does not come to it and they can be redeployed


Unless Tesco is getting rid of their night shift, I doubt anyone will lose their jobs as they would still be required  to stock the shelves. No security needed after the store close so that will save money also no need for so many lights, checkouts can be closed down, it all save money.

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It said in the National Press a few months ago that Tesco were closing some of their stores across the country so could this be the beginning of the end for the Belmont store?


I thought the Belmont store did better than the city centre store, it is a nicer place to shop, not that I have been there for a while. Unless Asda is making hell of a difference to Belmont store and I can not see it myself, I can not see the Belmont store closing.

 People from out in the country that way would use Tesco belmont as it saves waiting in the traffic to get into town.

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