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To quote the great bobby47 'It’s a dog. With fleas.'

I need to access it several times a day for my business. The planning section has had endless problems over several years - slow, doesn't work, dead links, false searches, not loading. I log faults regularly - in fairness they are acknowledged and sometimes fixed, but inevitably re-occur.
Today is a new low - the whole site disappeared. Yes, herefordshire.gov.uk just went. Completely. Just a third party log in. How can this possibly happen??!! 
And … it's back. Until the next time. E-government? Seriously?


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And to quote the great Twowheels with or without an 'e', The bloody Council are a bunch of rotters and stinkers'.

Why ain't it bloody working so frequently throughout the working year? Because the incompetent bungling idiots pay the best to get the bloody best to procure their rotten IT software. That's the bloody reason that the system just gives up, switches off and moreorless says to itself, 'fu.ck it. I can't be bloody bothered'. And who can blame it. I certainly don't.

Pay the best to get the best my neighbours right nut! Let's turn the entire model of procurement that the Council use, spin it on its head and start trying to recruit the worst possible candidate for the job and paying him or bloody her the minimum wage. Let's give it a shot. I mean, we can't possibly do any worse than we are thus far.

Yes! Let's employ a man who, when you stare into his eyes and gaze into the hollow eye sockets that contain his lifeless retinas, you'll quickly conclude, 'this poor soul knows nothing'. Yes! Get Tony Johnson to do the job. There's a man who I've quickly identified as being suitable to completely buggar up whatever's left that you can vaguely describe as 'we think it's still working'.

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Further issue with the website.....


This time somebody has accidentally published the names of taxi license applicants, which should not have gone public.


According to the HT, 'Members of the public and press may be barred from the meeting of the regulatory sub committee, as it contains "exempt information" thought to include applicants criminal convictions, should they have any.'


I don't know.


Just when you don't want it to work....:It does!


Technology eh???



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I regularly come across a planning application that has one or more documents that should be with another application. It's not really a confidentiality issue, as they would all be in the public domain anyway, but it does mean that the 'other' application is missing documents which may be crucial as to how it is assessed. 

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I'm guessing there are folks in the IT department, employed on a pretty penny to ensure this sort of thing doesn't happen???


I can't see an issue with applicants' names being published .... If they get a Licence then they are driving around with their badge on their top anyway .... The HT doesn't suggest any 'exempt' information was published .... like 'convictions' .... if indeed there are any! 

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