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Cartoonist anyone!


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Personally I can't even use a 2HB pencil and sharpening it well that's an exam in itself! There has been many a time when the mind has caught something of great amusement but the hand can only write it down rather than explode with artistic flair and creativity notching up a je suis charlie masterpiece ...funny but not worthy of a semi automatic assault rifle!


Now I'm anonymous and quite frankly thats not a bad thing however my mind has worked overtime in picturing the likes of Bobby47, Twg, Dippy 'boots' Hippy...should I go on!


So we have characters on this site and we certainly have characters in this forthcoming election so why don't we have a cartoonist to spice things up??

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Good Grief Green Knight!


Have you completely lost the plot????


I can think of nothing worse, than innocently turning on my laptop, and seeing a gurning caricature of myself !!


Have you forgotten we are supposed to be trying to attract new members..... not permanently scare them away, after they've been traumatised for life!


Think of the elderly.... think of the children.......


Think of the councillors. They may sue if this image emotionally damages them!

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