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Must get this off my chest ......

Heard the CEO of the Wye Valley Trust on BBC HW a couple of days ago saying that they are doing their best to be out of "Special Measures " by OCT 15 ......well if my friends experience is anything to go on they have a long way to go ............


Our friend is 81 years old , lives in Wales but was sent an Appointment at the hospital for a small operation for 11am yesterday .


Left home by car driven by her son at 9.30am , arriving at the hospital car park at 1045am , reported to the correct Reception at 1050am ....waited and waited ...wil not be long Mrs !!!! .....was called in at 4pm for the operation ...........arrived back home at 8pm. Forgetting how much the son paid for the privilege of parking think of the stress and strain on our 81 year old friend ........

Will she complain .....no , us old people are of the opinion that we are a hinderance for the hospitals to deal with and if we complain we will be classed as troublemakers with the attached problems .

Our friend also added that she has been treated better in one of our local Supermarkets - that is such a poor indictment of the Caring Profession

I now feel better with sharing this rant - thank you for reading it .

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Cllr . VAUGHAN - POWELL , Glenda , I thank you for your offer , which I know is genuine , but the lady concerned doesn't want to complain - she is convinced that if she complains it might effect further treatment. ( we have tried to explain that it shouldn't , but if it did we can take it further ) Have just got off the phone speaking to her .


Thanks again for your offer.

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I copied and pasted the below from the HT after I commented the above . I presume that Hilary Jones is close to the hospital and aware of the procedure -,appears quite inefficient and stacked against the Patient .



4:35pm Fri 13 Feb 15

Hilary Jones says...


She was lucky. At least she had her operation! This is common with day cases - a whole wardful gets called in at the same time so that staff can do the admin, & then you wait. The theatre may be needed for other urgent ops during the day too, which slowed things down. An 11am call-in NEVER means a midday op - and sometimes you get sent home...

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I had 2 appointments today at the hospital and it went like clockwork - just luck of the draw I think.  Sorry that was a bit harsh. However it does say on the op letter that the time is subject to emergencies and in fairness the hospital does not know what is going to come through the door as  an emergency.  I hope the poor lady makes a full recovery.


The car parking is an absolute disgrace but Jess is on the case so it should soon be ok.  If the revenue from the parking was utilised by the hospital it would not be so painful. 

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Hi Ubique, it sounds as if your friend had a dreadful day.


I had surgery a couple of years ago, and even though I was asked to arrive for 7.00am, for the morning list, there was a disclaimer in small print, to say I may be on the afternoon or even evening list, they also told me ring on the morning to ensure there was a bed! Plenty is brilliant about the NHS.....but plenty could be improved!


Your friends situation, does raise other questions.....


 Mainly I guess, why patients from Wales are still routinely being referred to Hereford for a daycase procedure, and not a  Welsh hospital?


I really hope your friend is able to convalesce, and recover from this.

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Ahhh it gets the Hulk in me going.


Firstly Healthwatch Herefordshire should be made aware if patients or relatives have concerns though I question how much bite this organisation has and how independent. There are other organisations such as Patient Association and of course the CQC. This said there is a certain generation who don't like to make a fuss which as I've stated before is the same generation that have endured far more hardships through their younger lives. These are the greats the "Octogenarian" Legions of yesteryear not forgotten but undervalued.


Only time will tell if the government signs off on appointing Trust guardians for whistleblowers however I feel there should be an appointed advocate or guardian for patients as well. ( One per Trust/CCG).


The Wye Valley Trust is better off in special measures because then it gets more political attention until the health minister provides more cash. He's taken a pop at the Welsh Health Board this week so let's see if he delivers....



As for the parking well it's probably one of the most expensive by the hour in the country and for one of the smallest hospitals. Its privately managed so the politicians have no control over it. There does need to be a charge but it should be minimal. If you go into Wales it's free but it's also a free for all. I travel to many hospitals in Wales and the South West and it is easily the most expensive for the first hour. It might be worth noting Ubique that on some sites you can apply for dispensation if there are special circumstances.


At Southampton Hospital I think the charge is £32-£36 if you run over six hours on the site!!

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Greenknight, Health watch is very good and will take up any concerns that patients have. I had problems last year and they took the matter up on my behalf,( this has got nothing to do with the fact I am a councillor) I am now having problems again with the same doctor. I told the doctor his bedside manner left a lot to be desired, he told me no one had complained before, my reply was some elderly people like myself  are to afraid to complain but I am not. I got an apology out of him. This time its more serious, but I will stand up for my rights.

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Dippy said .........Increase in emergency admittance up 20% last week.


It would be interesting if the A and E published figures of the number of people who attended A and AE who should have gone elsewhere / phoned NHS helpline etc.


If they did one could decide if the A and E is not big enough / not enough staff / time wasters etc.


If there are attendees who should have gone elsewhere I hope that they were turned away - if not that's one of the reasons why they are so busy .

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