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TPP Agreement Threatens Corporate Global Governance


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Following on from Bobby47's recent post entitled "Imagine the good we could do..."




A disturbing leak has been made to Wikileaks in response to the offer of a bounty for internal documents, information which has until now been withheld as top secret.


"Written to pick winners and losers..." what has been released so far is just one chapter from a total of 29, referring to medicines, big Pharma, etc.



There is a lot more to this...  food safety, jobs being moved offshore, file downloads being criminalised and monitored by ISPs.  But one large plank of it is the power that these crooks are grabbing for themselves.  This has taken decades, but we're fast approaching the point where if these bullying corps see a threat to their future profits, national sovereignty can be overriden and whole countries will be bullied into complying with the billionaire owners and controllers of these offensive collections of human beings.

  • The people of Scotland could be sued for not allowing fracking.
  • The people of Canada could be sued for not allowing genetically modified food.


So.... bullying bankers and employers have moved on.


Now, they're not not just picking on disabled employees, trade union reps, safety reps or contractors.


They're picking a fight with democratically elected governments in their greed and lust for money and power.


You have to ask the BIG question now.....  WHY should I vote for anybody in May 2015 if the power of our politicians is being taken away???


AND...  WHO THE HELL allowed this to come about?  I'd suggest the mega-crooks Blair and Mandelson played an important part in it during their thirteen years of treachery, abuse and self-enrichment.


And also Cameron and Osborne during the past five years.

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The trade negotiations are an assault on democracy. I would vote against them except… hang on a minute, I can’t


Robert Reich is the sort of man we need in Politics never full of bullsh!t, just straight forward information. A great website spells it out as it is.


Meanwhile the same thing is being created in USA regarding Asiatic trade. The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is the largest--and worst--trade deal you've never heard of and Republicans in Congress want to work with the Obama administration to "fast track" its passage. Looks like the corporations are going to stitch us up full time.

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Not too long ago, I firmly believed that Anarchists were mad, Anti Capitalists were deluded dreamers and Globalisation was something that would only serve to help people throughout the World lead happier and prosperous lives.

Now, within a few short years, I no longer feel the same way. I'm more than happy to admit that I'm becoming an anarchist, I despise capitalism and if it could pull up the drawbridge to escape globalisation I'd happily do it.

Oddly enough I've started listening to Lennon's Working Class Hero and God and as I sit there listening to John grinding out these rasping songs feeding my fat face with Scratchings I'm becoming more and more convinced that social unrest, public expressions of distaste for the way things are will, sooner if not later become inevitable.

The video attached to Paul's piece is well worth you all sitting through it, listening carefully and thinking a little about the impact these giant corporations are having throughout our world. On a much smaller scale, it's happening to us in the West Midlands.

Yes it is. Ever so slowly Parish Councillors are becoming an irrelevance, the powers of County Councillors have been seriously eroded and much of our local economy is driven and steered by people we never met or even voted for.

Our Country is now dominated by 'business' and the Gordon Gecho mantra of 'Greed is Good'. Huge business conglomerates, all linked like a spiders web with one another are buying up everything we love and value. To think that they'll be able to pursue us in the Courts if our way of life impacts upon their business activities and the profits they need to fuel their greed and reward the rich who've managed to purchase a slice of their cake.

These things ain't scare stories that are things to worry about in the distant future. They're happening now and they are happening to us.

Look at the Bankers! They still get wined and dined by the great and the good and yet, through continental agreements and treaties, they'll pursue Edward Snowden and Julian Assange never thinking for a moment that perhaps the law, our law, is being stretched, twisted and distorted in order to pursue something that only Governments and big business want to do.

It seems that we no longer matter. Some fool does something wrong, they quickly rush out another piece of legislation that keeps us scared, keeps us in our place and allows them to carry on raping the wealth of Nations without us paying to much attention.

If they think that by punishing us for not allowing them to Frack our shale gas. What next? Will they ever start charging us extortionate sums of money for our water, our electricity, our oil and who knows, even the air we breathe.

How far will this go. It seems the pieces are all in place, they're ready to go and create vast unimaginable wealth for only a few thousand people. They are the ones running our lives and it seems, the entire Western World. It's certainly not the elected democratic government we vote into office because we say we are a modern and forward thinking democratic society.

Not so long ago, many, including me, concluded that after the completion of the Old Market development, Stanhope, with the help of others had successfully asset stripped our County. They did it because they could and there is absolutely no reason at all why this form of corporate greed, cunning and guile can't be successful in asset stripping an entire Continent.

As perverse as it sounds, and it is, I welcome the emergence of these far left and far right groups who've shown me that at least now people are thinking for themselves and concluding they don't like whatever it is they're being asked to swallow. Like most things, people get frustrated, angry, they shoot to an extreme end if the political spectrum and then........bish,bash, bosh! People decide they want change and they ain't putting up with Shiite any longer. Rather like the rise of UKIP. The main parties get shocked into addressing changes that they'd sooner ignore and then we see a process of change.

The TPP agreement/arrangement? It scares the life out of me and I desperately hope it frightens you as well. It bloody ought to!

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Can you join Emma, John and Maria next Saturday in Hereford and South Herefordshire to spread the word about TTIP, the dangerous trade deal between Europe and America? Please sign up in the next 24 hours so the office team can send you a pack with leaflets and petition sheets to get members of the public to add their name to the massive petition against TTIP. 


Meeting on Sat 22nd Aug 2015

Location: Near Waitrose

When: Saturday 22nd August 11.00am

Attendees: John, Deverson, Sara and 10 other 38 Degrees members


There’s a deal being decided in secret between America and the EU that could threaten our way of life. It could weaken our laws, threaten the future of our public services and let even more bee-killing chemicals on to our fields. All this, plus it could give corporations the power to sue the UK if they don’t like our laws.


The deal is called TTIP - short for the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership and its like a wishlist for big corporations.


But most people still don’t know what TTIP is - or how much is at stake. So Emma, John and Maria and other 38 Degrees members who live near you are meeting to try and change that.


They’re meeting on Saturday 22nd August at "Near Waitrose" to talk to members of the public about this dodgy deal - and how together, we can stop it. Can you join them?


Talking about this deal is the last thing politicians will want us to do this summer. But that’s not stopping 38 Degrees members from going out in our villages towns and cities across the UK, spreading the word about TTIP. Together, we can make sure the public turns against this dodgy deal, making it impossible for politicians to pass it.


Robert Reich was onto this at the beginning of this year. The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is the largest--and worst--trade deal you've never heard of and Republicans in Congress want to work with the Obama administration to "fast track" its passage. Listen to what he says in this video:


What happens in America today, happens in the UK tomorrow!




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While looking at this site I noticed this statement:


Beware of the TPP!
Project Gutenberg is concerned about a new secret international treaty, the Trans-Pacific Partnership. This will extend copyright term protection worldwide, thus halting the growth of the public domain. To learn more, and join Project Gutenberg in speaking out against this treaty, visit The Internet Archive.
It appears this is affecting many aspects of our life.
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This is what happens when the British government is taken to arbritation by one corporation - the British taxpayer is £185 million worse off. Ironically this was in border control systems which the corporation failed to implement due to significant delays and missed targets. 


This result was achieved by the British government after appealing. After TIPP there will be no appeal.

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