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We live in the Country 3.5 miles from the City .

For various reasons we use our back door when we leave our home . Three days ago the Postman knocked on our front door with a parcel , on opening the door as well as the Postie and the parcel I found a very damp Yellow Pages which must have been put / thrown there some two / three days previous . Was put rightly / wrongly straight into the recycling bin.

Today I walked down the lane from our home passed , what I know is an empty home because the occupants are enjoying the sun in Spain , and are there for the next week . The drive to their home is " secured " by a five bar gate , thrown over this gate was their copy of the Yellow Page , even more soaking and useless than mine .

I accept fully that the distribution of this publication by somebody gives them employment but they have a responsibility to ensure that this publication is distrubited properly - it's what the advertisers pay for and expect.

I know that I could have complained to Yellow Pages - and perhaps I should have - but at my age I certainly have better things to do with the rest of my life .

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Hi Ubique!


We received ours the other day, and it was popped through the letterbox. I seem to recall that in previous years, it had been left on the doorstep, but was in a clear plastic wrapping/bag. Even if it was left outside, the contents remained dry!


Probably for either cost or environmental reasons, the bag has been ditched - which is great.....but only if you receive it in a usable condition!


To be honest, I'm quite surprised we still get them - most information is available via the internet or mobile phone!

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Dippy , you are correct again , I , like you believe that it got a very limited " audience " . Mrs U and I had a discussion re our use of this publication - only lasted a very short time , we couldn't remember - and nor were we bother as to when we last used this publication .

As you say , in previous years it was wrapped in clear plastic.

Oh ! I nearly forgot , our letter box is wide enough to take at least two Yellow Pages - believe that the delivery person (s) stopped the vehicle they were using in our pull in , and threw the Yellow Pages toward our front door . At our neighbours house it was very apparent , but no evidence for a court that their copy was thrown over their five bar gate.

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