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'Chargeable' Cashless Parking Payments

Colin James

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So you have to pay an addtional 30p in order to pay for your parking? Do I understand this correctly? But you do receive free texts NOT! (You have paid 30 p for the privilege) 




Herefordshire Council is switching its cashless payment parking contract from Paybyphone to RingGo at 12.01am on Thursday 29 January. Existing Paybyphone customers will need to register with RingGo to use the service.
Cashless parking is convenient for motorists because they don’t have to carry change in order to park and can extend their parking session by making a simple phone call, therefore avoiding parking tickets.
Customers can register in advance by downloading the free RingGo smartphone app or by entering their details at www.myringgo.co.uk. Customers who wish to register by phone should call 01432 817157 from Thursday 29 January at the time they want to park and pay.
This initial call to register usually takes a few minutes. Subsequent calls to pay for parking normally take less than a minute.
Councillor Paul Rone, cabinet member transport and roads said, “We have seen the number of people using this convenient service increase steadily over the last year with an increase of new users growing month on month.


The new provider, RingGo charges 30p for the service and offers free text messaging to remind you that your parking time is nearly up with no additional service charge for extending your parking session or for a text receipt. We hope that shoppers, commuters and visitors to Hereford and the market towns will find this service useful. “



From my understanding the previous service which was provided by PayByPhone  was subscription free, so I am confused as to why Herefordshire Council have opted for this more expensive company? I see Oxfordshire Council have done the same see this article


In London the Council have opted for the reverse, The London borough of Southwark have changed from RingGo to PayByPhone, see this article


So what's the difference between these two company's other than one being free?

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Looks like another idea to stop you getting out of your car and get some exercise. Maybe you'll be able to order a takeaway while you are waiting for a parking space and charge that to your account.


RingGo lets you pay for your parking without coins, you just need a payment card and a phone or pc. (and a good phone/wifi signal).
You can register for RingGo on the sign up page or when you want to park.
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When I was a kid here on Merseyside, we used to annoy each other by saying "RingO!!" Whilst holding up a "circular" thumb joined to the adjacent index finger.


This gesture was made inches away from the face of an embarrassed child who had "spied their ring" or to paraphrase, had made an error of judgment, and exposed to public view a measure of gullibility or naivety.


Similarly, the Hereford public are being HAD. Lots of tiny unjustified 30p deductions adds up to a large pile of ready cash.


Somebody should research the early years of the RingGo CEO and see if he hails from the area of my postcode.... because sure as eggs is eggs, you're being RingOed !

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FWIW - RingGo is basically the same service as PayByPhone. It's entirely up to you whether you use it or not so, if you don't agree with the service charge, just don't use it. Personally I tend to use it quite a lot as it's easy and I often end up with no cash when I arrive at the car parks (I get that from the ATMs in town).


As far as charges go, I've no idea whether the council get any additional benefit or a cut of the charges but the article says RingGo charge 30p and you get the free reminder text. I agree, obviously, that there's nothing free about the reminder - that's just stupid to say that. However PayByPhone charges a 20p service charge and the reminder text is optional (and costs 10p if you want it). So, from that point of view, the charges are similar.


The interesting thing though is that it says (or, at least, implies) that RingGo don't make an additional charge for extending parking whereas PayByPhone do. Whether that's a benefit or not, given the original charge is more, but...


FWIW - I found this thread because I got a Penalty Charge Notice in Gaol Street this morning from some "enforcement officer" who, I'm prepared to bet, didn't do enough checking that I'd already paid by phone.

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FWIW - I found this thread because I got a Penalty Charge Notice in Gaol Street this morning from some "enforcement officer" who, I'm prepared to bet, didn't do enough checking that I'd already paid by phone.


Touché Cosimo. Put a claim in for the distress caused and get an apology from Cllr Johnson.

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