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Spate of Road Works in Hereford City at the moment.

John Harrington

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Guys, just to let you know that the reason that you were all stuck in traffic on Whitecross last weekend from Friday until Tuesday was because Transco 'failed' to remove the temporary traffic lights even though (as suspected) the work had been completed.

After posting on here I contacted the HT and the lovely Jess chased up the Council who finally came back with the message (that Transco, working for The National Grid, failed to remove the lights)!

Nice. I wonder, shall I report the Council, the National Grid or Transco to the police for obstructing a public highway?

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Completely off topic, and I do apologise, but in the picture showing the side view of Woody's Angling, the old advertising board has been taken down revealing a beautiful old painted sign for a butchers!

It's really quite lovely!

I hope it doesn't get covered up again.



It's been covered up again!!


For a brief moment in time, it was revealed in all its glory........now hidden once more, for God knows how many years.


What a shame.

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Absolutely ragwert. Venns Lane is much better but why not sort that junction out once and for all with some sort of roundabout at the same time!?

I am cynical by nature but I still think it's likely a lot to do with the fact that roundabout don't need maintenance like traffic lights do. When we asked the Highways Agency to look at removing lights on a junction they sent their 'agents' in the area to assess this. He was an Amey employee. He reported back the lights must be kept. I asked the Highways Agency who puts in and maintains the traffic lights on their patch of road through Hereford. No prizes for the answer. Amey and the same manager they sent down to look at removing them! No one in that position is going to advise removing light when that contract is worth hundreds of thousands to them.

I do remember a piece in the Hereford Times quite some time ago that residents were given a questionaire on whether they wanted two mini roundabouts or the lights extended to include the Old School Lane junction

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