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Our neighbours had a few friends' around for a BBQ today ... With the entourage of kids' aged about 10/11 ... It all went downhill when the kids' started shooting foam missiles at my hounds' ... 


I've no problem with a BBQ but kids' out of control I have got a problem with ...


One missile landed in my kitchen. Good shot but it has pissed me off again. 


And they wonder why the dogs' bark! Morons ... 

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We seem to have a new family in the street. This is the first year I've noticed the screaming kids and constantly, very loud, barking dog. It used to be fairly quite around here :P


And you know that they are the type that will be the first to complain if someone else has a BBQ

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We have such a mix of folks, on our street - and I can honestly say they are a great bunch!


Some have lived on the street for years and years, other houses seem to change occupiers on a more regular basis.


Only the other weekend, I was invited to a football themed barbeque......now given that I'm no lover of either football or barbeque (generally us veggies tend not to fare too well!) I did think about giving it a miss, but it was a hoot!


I'm very fortunate now.....but a few years back it was a very different story......neighbours so extremely difficult, I considered selling the house and moving!


You can choose your friends, you can avoid your family ( if you need to!) But you're stuck with your neighbours!


My only advice would be, extend an olive branch....invite them around for your own gathering, it's always easier to discuss potential problems if you're on good terms already!

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I might have a BBQ next weekend. World Cup Final and some friends of mine are down from Liverpool to camp at the Beer Festival. My son is down from Liverpool for the Beer Festival as well ... 


I do invite people from the street for a BBQ ( I did last time) but this will be very low key ... I will probably get some decent stuff from Heggies as well ... As opposed to the rubbish at the supermarket ...  :Happy_32:


All hanging on the weather I suppose ... 

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Hate to be the bearer of bad news......but it ain't looking brilliant for the weekend!


You'll have to have a Hyacinth Bucket affair......an "Indoors" barbeque instead!!


It will be lovely to have your son down for a visit though, whatever the weather!

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