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Hereford (Rotherwas) Household Recycling Centre


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Oh I have to go today, lots of green. I thought about going yesterday but wasn't sure if it would be open :P


The green debris, of course, only being acceptable in black bags that you can't put in and have to rip open and put into the trucks loose becaus ethe bin men won't take them unless you pay for a rainbow of plastic bags and even then don't take the rubbish away... :P

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I just posted this question on the HC website, following a recent wasted trip on foot with an ironing board!

I recently tried to make use of the recycling centre at Rotherwas. I was on foot but was aggressively turned away at the entrance. It does not state on the website that you can only enter if in a vehicle. What happens if you don't have a car, or happen to live right by a centre, as in Ledbury for example? Also, when I have visited Rotherwas in the past by car, I have been able to walk freely around the entire site (which is quite large) in order to take my various waste to the appropriate recycling containers. How is it possible to walk around on the site, but not in to the site?

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I took a builders bulk bag of hedge trimmings and grass there once and parked up and walked it in, dragging across the yard I was stopped by the big fella. "You can't just walk waste in " he said , I laughed and carried on . Complete nonsense. It has got to be staffed by the most unhelpful bunch in town.

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