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Environmental Health and Customer Services to go?


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Hey Flam, I know exactly where you are coming from. I too, get extremely frustrated that the wool seems to continually being pulled over certain peoples' eyes.


You're quite right in some regards. It's not necessarily that some councillors are weak, but they are most definitely not as strong as those who constantly manipulate and out manoeuvre them.


When will this end? Honestly, I do not know. But I intend to keep highlighting this administrations many, many mistakes as often as I can, in the hope that next Mays election will see folks get up off their backsides and vote.


We had high hopes for IOC and the Independants working together. I can't see that happening.


From the safeguarding of vulnerable children, to the cutting of the grass.....the whole thing is a mess. I fear that until the rotten core of this council is removed, we won't be seeing improvements any time soon.

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DIPPY I truly value your comments and in the main they are spot on however I have to disagree with the statement 'there are many good Councillors that do many good things'


How do we measure something good?

Am I being good if I donate £20 to the homeless or children in need? You may answer with a resounding yes, but what were my motives in doing do? If I make a point of telling everyone I meet I made that donation was I motivated to help the needed or to improve my standing?


I'm sure their are good Councillors who are motivated purely by the interests of their constituents but I'm sorry no one has proven themselves to me.


I am an angry soul, I admit it, I see my faults but I can't and won't deny them and I won't justify any off my actions and I make no apologies for having a conscious. I and anyone else reading this forum have seen time and time again Councillors responding to posts only when there is something to gain. Don't get me wrong I like some of our Councillors they are better people than me but they and their parties aren't fighting hard enough in my opinion on my behalf.


For example over on Hereford Times I had a dialogue going with Cllr Harvey, however as soon as my questions became contentious the dialogue stopped! Check it out for yourself.




The admission of one of our Councillors states they were told about the grass cutting several weeks ago yet they did nothing and they will do nothing now! They also know about the direction of Environmental Health and Customer Services and have known for some time, yet they said nothing to the people they represent, why was that? If they deny knowing they aren't doing their job, if they knew and did and said nothing they aren't doing their job!


Yes Dippy I'm sure there are good men and women, but are they strong enough and motivated enough to stand up to the administration? If not they should step down...


I await the barrage of attacks my post will invariably attract


DIPPY I'm holding my breath and praying for change


My kindest regards to all ...

Flam I totally agree with wot your saying absolutely 100% I just hope if any of them have a conscious or moral upstanding then they should start to stand up & be counted? as this is not democracy we have @ present that's for sure the concerns of the people are not taken seriously enough let alone our views? except until they want our vote things have got to change!!!!!!!

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Thanks Cambo! I was waiting to be crucified but at least I have 1 person on side, I'm sick of lists footing around. 

We need some honesty, transparency and above all some integrity amongst our Councillors and Leaders!


I totally appreciate that funding has been cut by central government but the lack of funding doesn't translate to the dismissal of front line staff and the demolition of services so some suit can have a pay rise! They need to get their house in order!!! They need to look at all wage increases and 're-evaluate those jobs!! Trust me there is no officer on the Council worth a salary of 40k plus let alone 120k!!

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For months, no, years now, we have been shouting for transparency and accountability.


We quite simply are not going to get that until this cabinet have gone. They have too much to lose.


We have to ensure that Bramer, Morgan et al, are voted out. We need to ensure that there is a better alternative. We desperately need councillors who have Herefordshire at the heart of all they do.


In doing this, we will have the chance to start moving forward.


It's not a quick fix. The only way I can see this situation changing prior to 2015, is if the In dependants and IOC can together, put forward a motion that they have no confidence in Herefordshire Cabinet. The people of Hereford tried to do this, unfortunately it didn't gain enough momentum.

Perhaps now is the time for all those councillors, who say that they are as fed up with this situation as us, to stand together and do this?

At least then we would know exactly who IS prepared to stand up and be counted??

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No worries flam I know exactly how you feel about the wasting of money. funding has been cut in the wrong places central government should address where the money is being wasted & put an end to it? if they did that & diverted the money to where it was really needed then, there would be no need for cuts to frontline services? We can all see where it's being wasted??but those who govern us can't why is that? Have they become?or have they always been so detached from the real world while living up in there ivory towers that they have forgotten or more likely never known wot life is really like for most folks???

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Flamboyant , I totally agree with you - in fact I put a similar comment on the Grass Cutting saga , perhaps not in so many words but the point was the same - Cllrs must listen to their residents and shout from the rooftops their disagreement . We also have a responsibility to bring to our Cllrs notice items which we and fellow residents are not happy with . Of course we must also praise the Cllrs when they do stick their heads above the parapet to fight wrongdoings.

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Err, Flam.......neither of these links link to the IOC thread!


I am probably about to make myself the most unpopular poster on Hereford Voice, but here goes......


I absolutely agree, that any shady goings on need investigating. Many questions to serious issues have gone unanswered by councillors of all political persuasions. I also am of the opinion that we need to stop farming out huge swathes of council departments to unaccountable arms length companies.

And I will not rest until the whole of this cabinet have gone.


But here's the rub. We have no money. I am beyond angry at the colossal amounts that have been frittered away over the past God knows how many years. But it doesn't change the fact that the purse is empty.


We can point the finger of blame, Lord knows I do it often enough, but with no extra money forthcoming from central government, and the election still 12 months away, it truly is a mess.


I would love the grass to be cut regularly, the bins to be emptied weekly, unfettered access to the library, and all front line jobs to be safe(and having been through restructuring more than once, I know how it feels to have the axe swinging above you) but in these uncertain times, none of that is a given.


I have said previously, and I stand by it, adult services and children's services, especially safeguarding, HAVE to be priority.

People have to come first.


Whilst we are in these austere times, those of us that can do a little more, maybe should.


I have no problem with community groups and individuals taking some of the strain, if it helps Our City get back on track.


The real change will be in 2015, and even then difficult decisions will have to be made. I would hope that by then, all members of thispresent cabinet will be long gone, and at the very least, those difficult decisions wI'll be made out in the open, and not behind the infamous closed door.

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DIPPY I don't entirely disagree with your post and you'll never be unpopular with me.


I just won't be bolstering the Council until they put their house in order.


If my child kept wasting his pocket money on sweets, I wouldn't drive him to the shop. I'd stop his pocket money. Don't facilitate the madness it's called tough love.


I don't want to see my beautiful City fall into decline but I won't assist in the madness until the Council administration start making some intelligent honourable decisions. I would rather see them fall on their sword.  I strongly believe if we don't make a stand there won't be any end to this madness. 


There are areas of our city that you won't rally to this cause...

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I am hoping the "tough love" will really show its teeth at the next election Flam!


I honestly don't things will improve until then. In the meanwhile, if my council tax has to be spent in its entirety on protecting those less fortunate, then so be it.....even if it means organising a litter pick, and a few more trips to the tip!


In my optimistic mind, this situation will not last forever, and if I can do a little more, to prevent it getting worse, I will.....and I thank my lucky stars I am young enough(ish!) and healthy enough(ish!) to be able to do it!!


But I make no bones about it - change cannot come soon enough for me!

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