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Belmont Haywood Country Park officially opens


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BBC H&W Radio: 5 May 2014

Belmont Haywood Country Park officially opens

A new park has opened in Hereford after £40,000 of redevelopment works.
New pathways, access routes and seating have been installed in Belmont Haywood Country Park to link it with nearby housing estates.
A festival featuring Morris dancers, zumba performances and a community games event took place to mark its official opening.
Mayor of Hereford Phil Edwards said the 11-acre park - reclaimed from former farmland - was "a fantastic space".
"We're aiming to encourage as many people as possible to walk, cycle or even come down here on their mobility scooter," he said.


Who is the owner and responsible for the country park? According to the parish councils and wards map it falls within the Hereford City Parish Council (Belmont ward) boundaries on the one hand and in the (Belmont ward) of the County Council on the other. Confused? Belmont Rural Parish Council falls into the Belmont ward of the County Council so I assume its the CC who are responsible.
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megilleland, just for clarification the event on 5th May at Belmont Haywood Country Park was not the official opening but an event for the mayor Cllr Edward charities. Please see quote below that I received on Friday 2nd May from James Bisset.




2nd May 2014.


Cllr Vaughan-Powell


I have had no dealings with Cllr Edwards over his event - except advising him the council has no legal ownership of the fields, and to seek permission from Persimmon Homes, who I am aware has approved his event.

There have been no recent Belmont Haywood Country Park steering group meetings, and has always been proposed the South Wye community, through the new Development Trust, will take on responsibility for managing and maintaining BHCP via a community asset transfer following legal adoption of the Perssimon land to Herefordshire Council.

The Friends of Belmont Haywood Country Park group of which you were voted in as chairman is the local communities group and their responsibility to take it forward if they think it worthwhile and has a role to play.

I have at the past two meetings supplied suggestions and information on how the Friends group could be constituted, get insurance and possible roles to help manage the site once in public ownership , either in partnership with the South Wye Trust or the council Public Realm  contractor depending upon timing of adoption and subsequent Community Asset Transfer.


I hope this makes clear the current position.


The adoption from Perssimon is now progressing well and will hopefully be completed by September 2014 depending upon legal processes.




James Bisset

Parks and Countryside Leisure Manager

Herefordshire Council



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