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Hereford Public Art Collection - Art + People + Place programme


Street murals

Hereford is about to transform as eight new public artworks are unveiled on our city streets. Locals and visitors will start to see artworks appear on gable ends of prominent buildings, and in underpasses and passageways across the city, throughout February and March 2024. The commissioned mural artists range from international and regional level to supporting local Herefordshire talent.

The locations and artists are:

A new sculpture trail

An additional partnership project with Hereford College of Arts and Meadow Arts will celebrate the college's 170th anniversary in 2024. Drawing inspiration from old pictorial trade signs of the 17th and 18th centuries, this project will reimagine this tradition for the 21st century, reusing disused shop signage brackets to create a sculpture trail through the city.

Enhancing the historic core of Hereford

The new Art + People + Place programme, commissioned in partnership with Studio Response, is part of the £6 million Hereford City Centre Improvements (HCCI) project. The overall project aims to refurbish the historic core of Hereford through investment in the streetscape, landscaping and public realm, and is funded jointly by the council and Marches LEP.

The public art project has been years in the making, bringing together local people, students, businesses and stakeholders from across the city to add creativity and vibrancy to our streets. We held a public consultation session in June 2023 which provided themes, ideas and locations that have fed into the final artworks.

The Hereford Public Art Trail will launch in April 2024.


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Eign Gate Underpass - Graphic Rewilding

Artist's impression for Eign Gate Underpass - The artwork will be installed in March 2024.


Lee Baker and Catherine Borowski co-founded Graphic Rewilding to create vast, nature-inspired, and attention-grabbing public art in often overlooked and unexpected spaces.

They want to inspire people to connect and empathise a little more with the natural world, hopefully mitigating some of the negative effects of a lack of exposure to green space.

Their large commission will see them transform Eign Gate Underpass, bringing some vibrancy, fun and colour to the city entrance and shrinking the public to the size of an insect to see things from their perspective.

Graphic Rewilding will feature a range of native plants, flowers and insects in the artwork. You will be able to see the Snakeshead Fritillary, Yellow Jacket Iris, Foxglove, Emperor Dragonfly, White Tailed Bumblebee and much more.

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The Herdsman - Curtis Hylton

Artist's impression for The Herdsman - The artwork will be installed in February 2024.

Curtis Hylton is an artist skilled in creating large-scale murals using spray paint. His trademark style of fusing flora and fauna can be seen across the UK, Europe and rest of the world.

His goal is to create artwork that highlights biodiversity and inspires cultural change in the way we engage with nature - to encourage others to spend time outdoors, to influence a new generation of environmentalists or to simply enable people to reflect on their personal connections with the natural world around them.

Curtis will be celebrating the strong farming heritage in Herefordshire and the site of the old cattle market in his artwork. Working at scale on The Herdsman pub on Widemarsh Street, he will bring some of that heritage back into the city with a new contemporary twist.

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Bastion Mews - Emmeline North

Artist's impression for Bastion Mews - The artwork will be installed in February and March 2024.

Emmeline North is a multi-disciplined artist and designer. Her work is influenced by both the built and natural environments, combining architectural forms with fine botanical illustrations.

She first began painting murals and decorative artwork for commercial and residential interiors around her home town of Leeds in the 1990s, and later trained in surface pattern design. Her growing portfolio of public art projects span both 2D and 3D surfaces and can now be found in Leeds, Batley, Dewsbury, Birmingham and York.

Emmeline's new commission for Hereford is inspired by the floodplain meadows that straddle the River Wye, juxtaposed with the iconic structure of Canary Bridge, symbolising the community's battle to retain the meadow and ensure nature retains its place in the city.

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The Commercial - Nomad Clan

Artist's impression for The Commercial - The artwork will be installed in February 2024.

Nomad Clan is the collective of AYLO and Cbloxx, an internationally-acclaimed, street art duo with bases in Manchester and Los Angeles. The duo marry power and pathos with a fine art showcase in their iconic, monumental murals around the world.

Each mural has a strong significance linked to the environment it sits in, combining playful scenes from local heritage with stylised characters from tales they hear in the locations they visit. The main focus of their work is to proudly celebrate local history, folklore and heritage and reflect the socio-economic issues affecting the area.

Their new commission will draw on the rich folklore and history of Herefordshire, fusing Alfred Watkins' ley lines and the astronomical orientation of Arthur's Stone with the legend of the Mermaid of Marden.

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Brewer's Passage - SNIK

Artist's impression for Brewer's Passage - The artwork will be installed in March 2024.

Internationally-acclaimed artists SNIK combine the creation of hand-cut, multi-layered stencils with haunting, ethereal portraiture from a male and female perspective. Their craft has seen the duo commissioned in locations as diverse as Aberdeen, Stavanger, Miami and Hong Kong.

The peaceful subjects portrayed in their work are paired with the cycles of growth and decay in the natural world. They are living murals that change organically as the eras pass.

Through this site-specific mural in Hereford, SNIK aim to connect the audience with one of the city's most valued and beautiful assets, the wildflower meadows. "Forget Me Not" portrays a figure embracing and harmonising with the resilient presence of the flora that envelops her.

Serving as a symbol of our interconnectedness with nature, she embodies the care and acceptance necessary for nature's unfettered expansion and flourishing, which in turn supports our own growth.

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Capuchin Lane - Dermot Clarke

Artist's impression for Capuchin Lane - The artwork will be installed in March 2024.

Hereford-based artist Dermot Clarke likes to create fun and bold mixed media murals. Over time his practice has become less literal, exploring abstraction and representation, taking inspiration from Henri Matisse and Victor Vasarely. 

As well as teaching at the Hereford College of Arts, Dermot works as a freelance fine artist and graphic designer, with specialist areas in illustration, graphics and fine art. He also creates illustrative branding for a broad range of international businesses and has been closely supporting local businesses around Herefordshire.

His new Hereford commission will use the history of a famous passageway as a source of inspiration, bringing that history up to date in a contemporary, abstract way.


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Booth Hall Passageway - Gemma Flowers

Artist's impression for Booth Hall Passageway - The artwork will be installed in February 2024.

Gemma Flowers is an award-winning designer with a background in graphic design. A graduate of Hereford College of Arts, she found her passion in creating hand lettering using quotes, lyrics and words that speak to her personally, to produce artwork that connects with others.

Working under The Lucky Type, Gemma's hand lettering has been featured in international design magazine IdN, on Scroobius Pip's body for his music video "You Will See Me" and has most recently been published in Slanted Publisher's book "Yearbook of Lettering".

After creating The Beefy Boys' blackboard in their flagship restaurant, this will be Gemma's second mural and she is looking forward to bringing a little colour to Hereford's city centre. Her new commission will use her trademark lettering and draw on the history of the Booth Hall Hotel and its former landlord Tom Winter.

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Union Passage - Estee Angeline

Artist's impression for Union Passage - The artwork will be installed in March 2024.

Estée Angéline is an award-winning Worcestershire-based mural artist and designer, with a background in graphic design and illustration. Her style focuses on the juxtaposition between heavy illustration and bright abstract shapes.

With a background in digital marketing and visual communications, Estée has showcased her work on streetscapes and shops across the UK. She won the new talent highly commended award for the site specific category in the world illustration awards.

The artwork for Hereford's Union Passage is inspired by Estée's time at Hereford College of Arts ten years ago, and the abundance of memories that came with her time visiting the city again. The patchwork aesthetic of the buildings around Hereford city centre has inspired a structural and bold typographic piece.

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More murals here:

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Street Art Cities, a platform born in 2016 to document the best urban art in the world, has selected the 50 best works with help from a jury of experts. Eight of the top 10 artworks are located in Spain


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