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Boy dies due to NHS cutbacks


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I have to agree with Bill, yes there are cut backs all over the country, but that would not happen in Hereford because our A&E is open 24/7. read the name of this website HEREFORD VOICE, that means news pertaining to HEREFORDSHIRE!


I had the same thoughts but it was posted in the open forum so i guess that's okay..

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I really don't see the problem, it's the general discussion area of the forums and yet still pertains to council and government cut backs.

What if this was a cyclist who died due to a pothole in... Cardiff... would that be acceptable news for here?


Are you saying then Glenda that people need to die in Hereford due to cutbacks before it becomes relevant?


NHS funding, potholes, overpaid made up jobs etc etc are all national issues that effect everyone.


I don't know how it is run now, but about 10-15 years ago I was in trouble in Hereford city, I ran to the police station only to find it closed. The A&E Here may well still be open, but it's cutbacks are having an impact on peoples lives.


Perhaps Colin could edit my post to include "a North London A&E"? My edit options are closed now

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