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Government grants for councils to help the needed

silent bull

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Yesterday while driving back from Bristol i was listening to the Adrian Goldberg slot on radio 5 live and he was talking to somebody from the 'food bank' and also somebody from the council ( the name has slipped my mind) about a grant that ALL COUNCILS ACROSS BRITAIN had to help with the needed,

Now, most councils across Britain have already spent about half of what they were given since April apart from two, who were one council in the north east and the other (yes you've guessed it) ....Herefordshire council who had only paid out just over 1% of the money to the needed??

You think that's bad enough 'this money' which was supposed to be for the needed has now been moved into another 'pot'??

The woman from the food bank said that she has asked about it and also asked the people she helps whether they have been offered it ....nothing??

The councillor who they interviewed just said they are keeping it for more important things (I'm sure that's what he said but I might be wrong) and it was a lot better for whoever offer help to be transferred to a charity who could help them

Now, I'm doing this mostly by memory as I was driving and busy up to now but I was fuming to say the least!!!

Can anybody 'fill in the gaps' and give me more information about this please.

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As I understand it, and I may be entirely wrong, but this money has been thrown into a pot that is used to reduce the impact so called problem families have upon a community and the impact persistent and prolific offenders have upon criminal activity.

The Council, the Police, the Probation Service and Social Services formally identify these two groups of people and they then get showered with attention in order to create order to their chaotic lifestyle and thus reduce their impact upon the rest of us.

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Yes Flam, you are quite right, there are crisis "loans " available - not particularly well advertised, or easy to find out about. They are generally for folk who find that their benefits have been stopped, and they have no money. They are usually paid out in vouchers, and the value of these is supposed to be paid back at some point.

Adult Social Care do the assessments for eligibility, and therefore make the decision about who gets what.

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These people are really vulnerable and once again our Council are mis-directing these funds and have people who are not qualified Social workers carrying out the assessments! Do one of these people have to harm themselves or worse still kill themselves before Hereford Council take responsibility! Errrrr let me think? Yes of course they do!

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Do one of these people have to harm themselves or worse still kill themselves before Hereford Council take responsibility! Errrrr let me think? Yes of course they do!

I really do believe that the councillors that make the decisions in this country wouldn't give a monkeys if somebody did that

And I know I'm not the only one that thinks that!!

It's all about money, lives (sadly) no longer count


I'm probably going to be lambasted for saying this but 'honestly' I really believe that most councillors (and MPs) don't give two shits about anybody else but themselves!!

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Referrals for The Community Larder / Food Bank scheme, are usually made by Social Care, Midwives. Health Visitors, GP's, Children Centres or C.A.B.

Anyone needing more information can contact Mrs.J.Boys 373311.


The diocese team also have a rota of churches which provide hot meals seven days a week, and Herefords Open Door project is open from Monday 23rd December through 'til Saturday 28th December from 9.00am until 3.30pm. (Based at St. Peters Church House. Normal opening hours are a Monday and Thursday morning 8.30am - 10.30am.)

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More bad news for the vulnerable in our community.

There has been, for quite some time, a pot of money marked "The Independent Living Fund."

This is paid directly to parents / carers of disabled young people, and it does what it says on the tin.....the money is used to pay for much needed respite care, accessing suitable activities, and 1:1 staff to enable the young person to become more independent. This money is a lifeline.


From June next year, the government are pulling the plug on this.....the money from this pot will be devolved to local government, where it will NOT be ring fenced.....pretty much like the pot of money for crisis loans it will no doubt disappear into the ether. It certainly will not be benefiting those it was intended to help.

I have seen a letter from Bill Wiggins, who contacted the minister of state for disabled people, Mike Penning. I have also seem a letter from him, and it is he who confirms that this is happening.


So the next time I hear the mantra....these cuts are being made to protect the vulnerable, I quite simply won't believe it. They are quite literally, robbing them of services, choice,independence and dignity.


I am disgusted.

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