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I'm done with shoppping Hereford


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For a long time I've been "shopping" shopping elsewhere because of the lack of choice, shops, traffic etc in Hereford.

I still bought the small things locally, stationery, stamps etc. That was until yesterday when I went shopping;



Shopping in Hereford is utterly unpleasant. With the exception of food shopping, I am now only buying online and in places like Cardiff/Worcester/Gloucester


Traffic - Bad, slow.

Parking - Badly designed car parks

Shops - Lack of

Products - Lack of

Toilets - Lack of



Edgar Street South was surprisingly and pleasantly quick - on more than one occasion! (northbound was backed up to Steeles though).

However, I then proceeded to spend no less than 20 minutes trying to get up the ramp in Tescos underground car park.

I actually do my food shopping at around 2am now so I don't have to deal with the traffic and hordes of people taking up as much of the aisles as they possibly can. As we all know, traffic in Hereford is always pretty dire, I have, on several occasions, taken a packed lunch because I know I'll be sitting in queues of traffic



I went to Tesco underground (park upstairs/outside), B&M/Next and The Range. The Range was fine, as expected.

But the problem here lies in car park design. We know that the B&M/Next is just a joke, a 6ft wide opening that acts as the entrance AND exit for a one way system that's so tight that the second anyone wants to manoeuvre a car the whole thing jams up..


.. as does Tesco (town). A one way system where, again, if someone is waiting for a space to empty as the driver returns, the entire thing grinds to a halt. This then causes a backup throughout the undergound carpark which can spill out onto the large Tesco roundabout causing further delays. It still amazes me when people drive into the "trees" carpark there. It's a dead end and has enough space for 1 car to drive down. You have to reverse out because you can't turn and if someone has followed you in, you better prepare for a LONG stay.



There aren't that really that many and those with a similar genre are dotted all over the place requiring multiple car trips and, potentially, multiple parking charges.

You can't "browse" the shops in Hereford for what you want, you need to know what it is that you want and where it is. If you wanted some new trousers, you might look in M&S, H&M and Next.... Next, so you have to go to the other side of town, navigate a ridiculous carpark and go inside JUST to see if they MIGHT have what you want, perhaps only to head back through traffic in to town back to M&S.


Lack of actual products:

Have you ever actually tried to buy something in Hereford when you didn't know for sure what shop had it? You literally spend hours walking around trying all of the shops that you'd expect to have it, only to find that they don't. It's almost, but not quite, as bad as wanting a rolling pin and finding that the cook shops in town don't sell them. 2 Things in particular come to mind from yesterdays jaunt.


1. Garland. I wanted some Christmas Garland, just a cheap bit. There are only 2 places in the city that sell it. The "cheap" popup Christmas shop opposite the Entertainer, where it will set you back around £35 (a standard artificial tree in there is often upward of £125!) and the indoor market fake florist stall (where they make funeral bits and flower craft) Cheaper and good service - I actually bought last years bits from there too.


2. A burger. Yesterday I hadn't had breakfast and was really hungry. I REALLY fancied a cheese burger, a proper one, you know, big, made with meat not sugar. So I headed to the Charcoal Grill who do amazing burgers - it was closed. Marmaris - closed, Flames - closed down, Munchies - Heard their food isn't great, several other "takeaway" shops down Union Street - closed or out of business. So after much walking I looked into McDonalds and the queue was to the door so that was a no go. Couldn't even get a proper burger. I ended up eating a sandwich from Tescos whilst sat in the carpark.



Because I had spent a lot of time walking, driving etc around town trying to find things, I needed the toilet, I was at Next at the time. The closest toilet for public use is at the Leisure Centre. It's about a third of a mile away, around a 5 minute brisk walk. Obviously I could accommodate that. But it made me think, what if I was 80? What if I was in a wheelchair or on crutches with a broken foot? That wouldn't be an easy trip.


On the whole, it was a horrible experience. Shopping at this time of year is supposed to be fun and exciting but it was very unpleasant because of the way Hereford has been managed/developed. 


The only big exception really was The Range. Ample and ACCESSIBLE parking. Good range of items, friendly and helpful staff.


I live here and find it a very unpleasant place to shop - what are visitors going to think?


And I really feel sorry for the small businesses here, because the city is doing nothing but pushing people away. (quick note on the OLM defense, there's still nothing there. Yet another supermarkey, some new resturants and the rest are shops we already have just moving in)


So I've decided I'm completely done with shopping in Hereford now. I'll continue to buy my food shopping at 2am and I'll crawl into town to make deposits at the bank. But if I want anything other than food, I'm now buying it online or somewhere like Cardiff or Worcester. As for stationery and office consumables, I've just placed a few bulk orders for Ink, Envelopes, Pens etc.

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Poor Biomech - it sounds as if you had a miserable day.


I suppose I am lucky. I live in Whitecross - lovely people!! - and can walk/cycle to most places during the working week, including my place of work and town.

I don't have the worry or hassle of trying to park, and can just pop in to town if I fancy a wander.Most days I pick up something for tea on my way home, I no longer do a big "weekly shop" since the kids have grown up and left home, so can make full use of the Butter Market, M and S,and the newsagent on my way back home.There is also a lot less food waste if you can do it like this, although I totally appreciate that it's not practical when you have a family!!

So I suppose, I now view it as "convenient".


What you said about choice though, is spot on. There isn't much that is out of the ordinary. Wether, clothes, gifts, or something for the home/garden...my first port of call is Hay on Wye.


The toilet issue is across the board...and is set to get worse.This more than any other issue is putting many folk off using Hereford as their main shopping destination.The elderly, disabled..Mums with small children or babies..there are no decent facilities. It really is shameful.


Next time you find yourself in town and hungry....try Nutters!!

They never fail to serve up fabulous food, and the service is terrific!

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Biomech , a very well thought article , speaking to a local Councillor this morning , brought up the toilet issue , this Cllr reports that Coach Companies have reduced their visits to the City because of this , we are all aware that after a journey one of the first port of call is a toilet , Coach Companies are not receiving any support / suggestions from the Council as to where to park where there are public toilets.


Re car parks , up to about 3 years ago the over 65 could obtain a 2 hour "free parking" permit from HCC on payment of £10 per year. I had one from the age of 69. ( only because I didn't know about the system !).

I have noticed that since the Permit was withdrawn the car park I used a regular basis ( West St ) is now never full , always has plenty of parking bays. Previously it was always at least three quarters full to full. So the Council are not getting the £10 nor are they getting the public using the public car parks. I always use the free cars parks and if necessary walk into town - so the benefit to me is saving money and exercise . Perhaps the permits were too cheap , restart them and charge £20 / £30 a year. Even just make it for the over 70 , perhaps I am being selfish !

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It really is futile trying to shop in Hereford.


Ragwert, I bought a tree elsewhere, I didn't fancy the cheap looking ones and bought one for £100 that was FAR superior to the £125/£150 ones sold in the Christmas shop - where I noted the Garland to be around £30/35 a piece. I bought the Garland from the butter market people (as last year) for £17.


I would have gone to the toilet at Gaol Street, but it was a bit of a walk from Next ;P

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Biomech, I thought they had toilets in Dunelm, by the coffee shop bit upstairs?

Also, try Paperstation in Malvern for all your office bits and pieces, they are really good price wise, and do next day delivery....they even make up any flat pack furniture you may purchase, and put it in the room you want, even if that room is five floors up!

They have a web page!



Ubique! Where has your profile picture disappeared to??

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Ubique! Where has your profile picture disappeared to??


Not sure what is happening , I did try and change it yesterday but the photograph I chose , me in my Father Christmas outfit at a local school ( there are other imposers ) but it was to big ? To use so I presumed that me as a youngster would remain . I will check it out later.


As far as I am aware I am still there in all my glory !

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I'm back , initially thought that the HT nasty gremlins had spoken to Colin . Having said that , I was unable to upload my previous photograph , stating that it was too big .So I have added the apron that I wear when I visit the Doctor who said that my drinking habits record me as a binge drinker ....... My drinking habits are as follows - no alcohol Monday through to Friday , on Saturday Mrs Ubique and I drink a bottle of reasonable priced red wine from Aldi , it's the same on Sunday . This Saturday it may well be called binge drinking as Mrs Ubique and I have been married for 50 years , we are so proud of that fact - let the party begin - please don't tell my doctor.


For those who cannot read my apron it reads " I'm dreaming of a white Christmas , and when that's gone I will start on the red ! "

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