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You don't deserve democracy!


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Thank you for voting for me as the new county councillor, but you're stupid. Sorry, but you're not interested in knowing any detail about the councils proposed budget. You're apathetic, too.


I've just been, as a Parish Councillor, to a presentation from the Council, chaired by the conservative deputy leader Cncllr Morgan. I felt they were treating us like children in the sense that we were given overall figures about what it is proposed to spend (like mummy and daddy tell you about running a house) and then told to go and sort your precept out (tidy your rooms and count your pocket money).


Ms Morgan did not agree that we should all be treated as adults and given the full facts!


Goodness I feel a blog coming on! RANT, rant, grrrr.

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Welcome Cllr Norris and congratulations on your recent victory. Yes unfortuantely none of us are clever enough so we have to just listen to what we are told and not argue at all because they clearly know what's best for us, NOT! I am sure you will make a difference, good to have you as a member on HV, once again welcome to the club! 

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Hi Colin!

Can I ask where all of the comments from this thread have disappeared to?


There were a couple of pages worth from a variety of contributors, and some really useful links, particularly to FOI requests from Paul Cardin??


It may be that you have moved them.....if so, can you point me in the right direction???


Many thanks!

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I am bumping this back up to the front page.


This thread has well over 2000 views, has been visited by 38 users.....yet all comments bar three have vanished into the ether! You can see from my above post, that I was keen for the comments to be reinstated in May.


Does this thread ring a bell with any Councillors?? The comments will if they can be retrieved.

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I am sure I asked questions about bullying or the IT scandal at the time when John Norris first posted this topic and I am sure his response to me was that he was going to get Liz Harvey on the case! Only I just read a post on IOC facebook page where Liz Harvey tells a poster she knew nothing about this scandal? So Mr Norris did you ask the Councillor? Because she claims you didn't? Why tell us you're going to do something and then not do it? I also recall saying something to the effect of ' they will reign you in!' which I think you denied at the time?


Come on Colin find those posts please my memories not what it used to be! I do remember the new Councillors baptism of fire all geared up to take on the world only to disappear in the blink of an eye!

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