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Question Time.


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Posted Today, 06:29 PM
The big problem we have here is that we speak English which is a dominant global language. So it's a lot easier and more beneficial for people to come here than it is Belgium, Italy, Portugal etc where they potentially have to learn a third native language


The problem is there is no border control. The government does not know how many people are entering and leaving the UK. If we have got to let all of the EU in it would be helpful to count them in and out.  UKIP has an immigration policy here which I think is acceptable to most people who are concerned that we are running out of space very quickly and that ones quality of life is disappearing just as fast.


The lack of money filtering down to the masses will affect our democracy. The corporations have bought the rule making machine and are telling governments what to do. The powerful monied interests would like for all of us to become so cynical with politics and give up. If that happens the corporations rule the world and we will be slaves to its cause.


Robert Reich was US Secretary of Labor in the Clinton administration. Time Magazine named him one of the ten most effective cabinet secretaries of the twentieth century. He has been raising concerns about the direction we are heading and what he says, is now also happening here in the UK. Watch either of these two videos to get the picture and his solution to the problems we face.


Inequality For All


An Evening with Robert Reich

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Thanks Megilleland. I was hoping you'd add something to this topic. Going off on a tangent, David Blunkett has stuck his tuppence worth in and warned the Government that 'there'll be riots if the Roma Gypsies flood the Country next year,'

Bloody Hell! Why can't we in this Country have an open and sensible discussion regarding immigration from the European Union to this Country without some minority group getting demonised and becoming the point of the discussion. I don't know a bloody thing about Roma Gypsies and neither do most of us and it gets my bloody 'goat' that a small minority group get thrown into the argument simply because they are an easy target.

It wasn't so long ago when we had the 'Welcome to Poland' signs. The poor old Poles got it because I suppose they are the most prominent ethnic group. I couldn't care less what bloody ethnic group anyone is, I simply want some control of the numbers. A few bloody weeks ago, it was the Poles, today it's the Roma Gypsies and tomorrow it'll be the Albanians when they get the green light to come here.

The whole thing is madness. A man made bag of rats and it doesn't help when a political leader like David Blunkett throws his cap into the ring and moans about the Roma people who've chosen Sheffield as their preferred place of settlement. Bloody politicians. They've given us this sack of problems and we are the ones left with the consequences.

I see that bloody tap dancing liar Tony bloody Blair is being employed by the Albanian Government so that they can get into Europe sooner rather than later.

Albania for goodness sake! The poorest European Country of them all. Good grief! These people from Albania live on a quid a day and they are supposed to join the rest of the EU and suddenly become a thriving economic state with a wonderful record on Human Rights, Low crime and a zero tolerance toward state sanctioned corruption. It's madness. Complete madness.

When Gorbachev states that the citizens of the West should be afraid you'd better start paying attention. We are becoming a totalitarian collective of states who serve one single master. The ruling elite of the EU who you've never voted for, you'll never be required to vote for or against and they are very nearly in complete control of your lives.

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It's really quite simple.


Immigrate here - have a job waiting

(students aside) Only allow people in who are capable of filling positions that we have open - my family was going to immigrate to Canada, but they wouldn't let us in because, despite my father being highly skilled, they already had enough architects.


No job, no entry.


Work on a points system the same as everyone else (ie Canada).


There should be a numbers cap on asylum seekers, when we hit the cap - when we've helped as many as we can - stop letting more in. There's only so much help you can give before it starts to damage our country. An uncapped asylum process is akin to an uncapped foreign aid budget


Log people in. Log people out. and stop letting people do runners because you can't find their passport.

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The below was circulated by West Mercia Police to the public , they are seeking information to an incident which could have really turned nasty. I believe that The Hereford Times have , to date chosen not to add it to their web site ,because , the report states that the two alledged offended are possibly Eastern European . ( I can understand it if Colin decides that this story should not be in this link and deletes it) I felt that it should be in the public domain soonest so that other parents do not have to be involved in a similar situation


Appeal After Man Exposed Himself To Father And Son In Hereford

Police in Hereford are appealing for information after a man exposed himself to a father and his young child.

The incident happened at around 3.15pm on Monday, 4 November, on Great Western Way, near the junction with Hunderton Road.

The father was walking along The Lines with his son when two men, heading in the opposite direction, passed them on the pathway.

The two men are described as being drunk – shouting and swearing – and the father of the young boy asked them to stop.

In response to the request, one of the men unzipped his trousers and exposed himself, before turning around and urinating against a bin.

The man is described as white, aged 30, of a large build, 5ft 7ins to 5ft 8ins tall, with a shaved head.

PC Polly Price is investigating the incident. She said: “The victim did his best to shield his son’s eyes from the offender but clearly, this was an upsetting incident for both of them. It is also concerning that someone would behave in such a way at school closing time and in broad daylight.

“The offender was with another man at the time who is described as white, in his late 20s, of a slimmer build, around 6ft tall and with mousey-brown, short hair.

“The pair are described as being foreign – possibly Eastern European – and I would appeal to anyone who saw them hanging around in the Hunderton area of Hereford on the afternoon in question, or knows who they are from the descriptions given, to call us.â€

Anyone with information can call police on 0300 333 3000 quoting reference 695S 041113. Alternatively, people can also contact the independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.


Issued: Tuesday, 12 November 2013

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The HT omit whatever either doesn't fit into their agenda or isn't compensated in some way.


I see there is a story about a women being pushed over and racially abused in Merton Meadow - what it doesn't state is who was who. Was the victim racially abused because they were foreign, or was the attacker foreign racially attacking and abusing a British women? Given the lack of information, I'd guess the later.

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Latest news...




An Australian woman, with 2 masters degrees and a full time job as a specialist in the NHS, has been given 28 day to get out of the country after spending nine years in Britain working with vulnerable children for the NHS ...... has become an online pin-up for the shambolic state of the UK Border Agency (UKBA) after sharing her experiences online.


In other news...




Number of foreign nationals on benefits soars to 400,000
The number of foreign nationals claiming benefits such as Jobseeker’s Allowance has jumped by 40 per cent in just four years 
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And now bloody Jack Straw has thrown his tuppence worth in. Jack, our former Home Secretary under New Labour has been quoted in the papers as saying, 'we made a huge mistake by not controlling this vast movement of people to the United Kingdom.' He goes onto say that they should have negotiated caps like most of the other member States.'

Thanks a bloody bunch Jack. There's a load of worry off. Good grief!

The victims in all of this political madness? me, you, the Polish family up the road, the Roma Gypsy here to have a better life and the Lithuanian and Latvians who spend there days breaking their backs picking our fruit. These are the victims of this crazy social engineered experiment and it shouldn't divide us. We've all been duped by these slimey, wealthy, never had a job in their lives, political chancres and its them that should face our wrath. Bloody politicians!

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Jack Straw, the buffoon who has cost us all dear and irrevocably changed this country for the worse. The buffoon who shook hands with the Zimbabwean president, Robert Mugabe and then said he did not know who he was meeting in a "dark corner" (poor choice of words there, Jack) during a reception, despite video of a brightly lit room. Bloody politicians! Both he and his fellow muppet Blunkett should just shut up once and for all.

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