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  1. Well said , no very well said , I wonder was Herr Merkel taking notes ?
  2. Yes Closing Walnut Tree Avenue to through traffic is fairly radical , will put even more traffic on Asda roundabout. They sneaked the second phase of Holme Lacy road traffic calming in here to , this was a planning condition on the Relief Road and was supposed to be delivered within 12 months of Relief Road opening -another example of Hereford Council / Balfour Beatty assuming they are above the law . Don't know what Belmont Road residents who park on side of road will do when the bus lane goes outside their fronts
  3. Last Sunday my Wife & I enjoyed a great day out at Sellack ( less than 10 miles from Hereford city centre ) the whole event as I saw it was generally a great success. With all aspects of country life showed & celebrated by many people, including many who I saw there who live in the city. I was appalled to see that the organisers are thinking of leaving this land at Caradoc which has of late become the home of HCF and relocating to the Bishops meadow ! To try and engage with City folk ! & also to make a joint celebration / memorial of the 1st World War. I see a fantastic event
  4. Hi Two wheels , you beat me to it ! I saw those this morning whilst out on a test drive . I really get annoyed that folks are able to take a trip out into the country to do this but can't make the council tip which is about 1 mile away ! Regards Pete
  5. Hi I for one will miss Graham as one of the few good guys in this administration. Graham has personally helped me in my business after I asked for his help, he swiftly and decisively intervened and helped. I wish him & his all the best, and don't wish to pry as to why. Regards Pete
  6. Bobby I applaud you sir , k and h I trust you consider how you can make more informed decisions than a jury who have given 2 years of their lives to bring the start of justice for the 96. I concur with Bobby that you must be on something to make such comments. The jury found that the Liverpool supporters were not to blame, end of. I look forward to joining my fellow kopites at Swansea on Sunday when I am sure a song will be sung in memory of the 96. Sorry , but hang your heads in shame. The jury has delivered , justice has been done. YNWA Pete
  7. Hi Yes it is a tenner a turn, but unlike other "attractions" that have come to Hereford over recent years, they are honest and up front at how many folks can expect from their 1/2 hour purchase, also how many others will be sharing at time, and how many slip slides you may expect to get in your purchased time slot. I hope that this is a success and that the Board and Skate park earn themselves a modest but much needed commission from this event, the work the volunteers have done there to provide kids with a venue for fun and activity should be applauded and commended. Whilst I s
  8. Hi I also saw that article Colin, I was a bit concerned to see the Mayor pointed at an empty shop that if I am correct until recently either he or another city councillor ran a shop from it ! Of course my suspicion may be incorrect, but just saying......
  9. Hi Ragwert I hate to correct you as a very senior forum contributor, but surely she has so much plastic that she would melt prior to burning ! Regards Pete
  10. Hi I think that putting the hoarding boards up and promptly putting what look like official adverts on them is a good thing , there is less space for fly posters and I am guessing that the income from the "official advertising posters" would be quite considerable. So if someone at the council has thought about this and marketed the space, well done ! Regards Pete
  11. Hi I am bumping this so as to help a friend find it in order to help her contest a parking fine she recently received from parking eyes for overstaying her time at Hereford Aldi supermarket. The reason she was overtime, she was giving up her free time to help collect money for Hereford Samaritans ! As things stand her act of kindness is costing her a £40 fine ! I hope the info here helps. Regards Pete
  12. Hi Aylestone said If you want to see the carnage multiple user names etc. can cause have a look at HFC's forum Absolutely agree, what a fiasco Regards Pete
  13. Hi FairPlay Colin, I admire your stance and applaud you. Discipline on forums is important to retain the it's integrity. Regards Pete
  14. Hi With Landrover announcing the end of production of this Iconic vehicle, the demand and interest in them has soared. The fact that they are basically huge piles of mechano makes them also an attractive proposition for scum bags to steal and then break up and sell parts off on eBay etc. We currently have a truck in for repair that was stolen just south of Hereford and abandoned just a few miles away after causing a compound accident. The sad part is that the truck is its owners only means of transport, and sadly because of a few moments of some theiving lowlife may be written off by
  15. Hi I too add my condolences to the families concerned, I do not wish to enter a debate as to how or what happened, I will leave that to this emote qualified than me. A point has been made re the lighting etc on the GWW, whilst having no great knowledge of crime and crime prevention I hold the view that better lighting offers greater safety, however sitting on the steering committee for the cycle way from Eign Road to Rotherwas I as a parish council rep pleaded for good lighting along the length of the cycle way, possibly of solar type, this was to my dismay talked down by the council
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