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  1. For info if you live in a rural area of the County............. I fully accept that a person is innocent until proved guilty in a Court of Law .............. At about 10.30am today Sunday 14th April 2019 the occupiers of Blossom View, Crowmoor Lane Tillington HR4 8LD ( that's the old Coop farm office opposite the Fruit Farm ) heard a vehicle stop on the road outside their bungalow, looked out of the window and saw a male , 35yrs, medium to stocky build ,with sandy short hair with one of the occupiers plants in his hand , the plant had been planted in their garden which fronts the road . The occupier shouted to the male who dropped the plant in the road and jumped into his vehicle , he was the only occupant . He drove away in a Silver Nissan pickup RegNo.BL03OLJ . Police have been advised , bit disheartening , it appears that the Call Taker told the Complainant that as the Offender didn't take the plant not a lot the police could do ( What about Attempt Theft for starters ) The plant cost the Complainant £50 . It's not the first time that pants gave been stolen from gardens in the village , recently a householder had 25 laylandi trees stolen . If you see this vehicle it or know where it's parked please phone 101 and advise the Call Taker using the West Mercia Police Ref No 239/N/14.04.19 Thank you .
  2. Recently some members of the Parachute Regt have been taken to task by their bosses , MPs and certain newspapers for apparently using Corbyns face as a target whilst they were target shooting on the Range ...........perhaps somebody else would be more acceptable ? So Gridknocker you may be on a winner .
  3. From the BBC News Webpage ..........Highways England have just carried out a Survey on Traffic Jams and the result is , and I quote " The problems were predominantly cased by the introduction of ( you guessed it ) Traffic Lights ."
  4. Interesting reading for my area , thankfully we have been Independant for a number of years , this year I see that the Conservative candidate resides in Ledbury some 20 miles away is Standing against the in post Independent .
  5. Thanks Robmozz , hope that's true , if so I think that the Council have missed an opportunity to publicise the fact .
  6. I am 78 and gave up driving last July .i started driving 60 years ago and during that time only receive 3 penalty points for speeding (38 in a 30 ) on the eleverted section of the road in Newport . We have a very good bus service from Tillington and as Megilland does hire a car as and when . I have no regrets at all .
  7. Just walked along Catherine St , Hereford , that's a side road at the rear of Blueschool House and Quik Fit . The road has just been Tarmac the complete length of this side street with of course a yellow line in both sides of the road . It looks so perfect you could play snooker on it ..............sort of impressed but at what cost ? Was it really necessary or could the money have been spent better ?
  8. Wonder how much of this amount will be spent on the Car Park at Plough Lane ?
  9. Attended my Doctors for a blood test today , because I am having problems with my medicial problem (PMR) asked for a Dr appointment, cannot be classed as emergency although I am having pain a few hours a day . Result ....... Dr can phone me on the 10 April or can see me on the 23rd April ................ I am now writing to my Dr and advising her that to reduce the pain I intend to increase my steroid tablets .........asking her to advise me if that's ok by her ...........putting the ball in her Court . Time will tell ..........
  10. Megiland ........after meeting up with you yesterday you have convinced me to vote if required. I believe that history will initially blame Cameron and Osborne for the mess we are in ...........I believe that the average Layperson ( and that includes me ) was not told all the requirements needed to leave the EU , hence the mess we are in plus of course how much money has this cost so far !
  11. You are correct Gridknocker , the Council appear not concerned about this building ,( unless they have a cunning plan !.) it's the same as the List Grade 2 building in St Owen St covered in scaffolding plus of course Shire Hall is now causing problems .
  12. From HCC .......for info Volunteers at St Peter’s shelter are providing a safe place to stay for rough sleepers this winter Hot drinks and a warm bed for the night is on offer to the county’s homeless at St Peter’s church hall this winter. Rough sleepers are greeted with a warm welcome from the team of wardens and volunteers. Located in St Peter’s Square, Hereford, the accommodation offers beds for up to 16 men and 3 women, and provides a safe alternative to rough sleeping during the coldest months. Temporary residents are also offered access to clean dry clothing, showers and washing machines. The shelter is open from 9pm to 8am each day until the 17 March 2019. Beds are available on a first come first served basis and no referrals are necessary. Councillor Paul Rone, Cabinet Member for Health and Wellbeing said: “Thank you to the volunteers at St Peter’s shelter who offer safe overnight accommodation to people living on the streets at this time of year. “These volunteers are an admirable example of the hundreds of people across the county who give their spare time to help others and provide support to vulnerable members of the community.” Published: Wednesday, 30th January 2019
  13. Ubique

    Not another one

    Agree with Roger re the Internet , last Thursday I ordered a heater for use in one of our outbuildings used by Hollycroft Hedgehog Rescue , it was ordered Standard Delivery and delivered the next day ( Friday ) by Royal Mail .
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