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  1. I think this post should be taken down immediately, its probably been looked at by the council as I write and they are already making plans to install it, love to see Colin's face when it arrives!!
  2. As I said before Colin, its time we had another councillor like Councillor Vaughan-Powell, How could anyone not vote for you Colin? But please, please leave it at a councillor, I dread to think what you would look like dressed up as a garden gnome um I mean Mayor.
  3. Well its tourist season in Hereford and what have this stupid council done? They have put hoarding around the beautiful black and white house and started doing outside repairs.......IT looks a mess, you cant take a decent picture of it and could have been done out of season!!!
  4. Apparently Colin, if you write something on the net that could be libel, if later it is discovered to be written when under the influence of alcohol its not libel any longer just something silly you said when drunk. Oh and I'm sick to death of these paid clerks all around the county thinking they are something special. In the old days those who worked for councils etc. were called public servants, they should be wise to remember that. I am beginning to think there is no such thing as freedom of speech in this country, instead of challenging you or anyone with libellous action, the quickest way would be to prove what the person said was wrong.....End of story! No more time or money wasted on the matter, problem sorted..
  5. The third lane has to be there for people who want to go back into Hereford. The Asda lane is only built so that you can go to Asda, a right turn is not done then because when the lights are green to go into Asda they are also Green to come out of Asda. Adrian I did know it was Colin's Idea, my grammar is bad... I meant by putting the new road in did they know Colin's plan to switch the lights off could than never happen as it would be too dangerous, as it would no longer be a proper roundabout...Any way the new road doesn't work, so can they just change it back to how it was double quick. Or have we got to wait months like we did for the high town reversal? In fact if they got rid of the new Asda lane and made the new third Lane a bit longer it might just have worked. But then it would have only cost tens of thousands instead of hundreds of thousands and we all know how they like to waste money.
  6. Like the idea of a roundabout, you never know it might catch on.. Unfortunately when the lights are off now they have made it more dangerous. Which would conveniently mean Colin's idea of switching them off full time isn't going to happen.....or was that their idea?
  7. How can they say the Asda roundabout is better now, on occasions when there are about six cars waiting for Asda lane you cannot get into either of the Abergavenny lanes. Its been made so much worse. Today I was stuck on the bridge because of the queue to Asda and both lanes were empty to get on the Abergavenny road because cars were waiting to get in the Asda lane where it was still single file before splitting into two lanes then Three.. We never had this before, the Asda lane only holds 3 cars. The road is now worse as they have made the pinch point nearer to the bridge now!!! The Asda lane should have started from the traffic lights at the end of the bridge for this to ever work.
  8. Bobby; you should be a councillor and Glenda, I am writing as we speak to the makers of 'dolly the sheep' to get you cloned, I am already a fan of yours!! I actually think if the council was run by the council and not by a cabinet we might get more of what the public want and not what a few dimwits with a cabinet title want. Lets face it why do we have fifty plus councillors if all decisions are done by the mighty seven ( is it seven?). As for parking in residential Streets, I read the transport plan in between nodding off, It does actually state that the solution to the lack of long stay car parking is that car users should drive into residential areas park up and walk into town....Well lets hope Colin can get out of his drive in a few years time because it will be the only place anyone can afford to park all day after the Merton Meadow car Park closes.
  9. Glenda, Thanks for your comment. But I must add that I don't have a problem with the council building houses there (hopefully rescue boats will be at hand). What I have a problem with is in such a rural area they don't plan to replace the long stay car parking, please don't try the public transport suggestion on me, there are huge swaths of Hereford which only see a bus once a week. How can a person lucky enough to have a job in Hereford park at an affordable price? Youngsters on very low minimum wage (under 21's is about £3.60 per hour) pay another £1.20 per hour to park for the pleasure of working? Seems to make not working rather an attractive idea. Do the council want people to work? There should be a long stay Car park, every time I mention to people there wont be one they seem not to believe me, well soon enough they will find out and I can tell you nobody will be happy.
  10. Colin, its written in the transport plan that we should park in residential areas its being sold as the solution to traffic in town.
  11. I am very annoyed with Hereford council for selling off the Merton Meadow Car Park for house building and not ensuring that the one thousand or so Long stay car park is replaced. When I wrote to them they said the old market site will have 600 new spaces. What they forgot to mention was some were going to be for the new supermarket at 2 hours max and the other would be short stay Car Parking. I have family that work in town and can not afford to pay £1.20 per hour out of their minimum wage to park. One of my family works for Tesco and they can enjoy free parking. Nurses, High Street workers, office staff and college students rely on the long stay car park. This is just another tax on the high Street worker! The transport strategy is that they don’t want cars coming and staying in the middle of town, this immediately begs the question as to why they would build another supermarket there? I know owners of homes in Whittern Way already complain that some students’ park there and they can’t park outside their own homes. How will Belmont residents feel when they have the same problem?
  12. Well done! There are so many lights its dangerous, if you come out of the Belmont road when on green the second set of lights take slightly longer to change and many people do not even notice them. I was a police witness twice in two seperate incidents because a car coming out of the belmont road hit a car stll coming out from the Asda store. People take more care on roundabouts, lights make them lazy. When David Cameron came quite recently, they switched them all off and traffic ran free. If they can do it for Dave, thay can do it for us!
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